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Academic Gibberish – Ten Years Ago Would Anyone Have Even Understood This?

Gender Identity GoobledyGook

The radical Sex Obsessed Left thinks this is the way that all of us need to think and are working hard to “make it so, Number One.” To me what follows is just another set of gobbledegook that we all are supposed to just know innately as if it was normal. NORMAL?

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What you should ask is what semi-intelligent person would even think this way unless they had an ever-present chip on their shoulder that is their reason to exist? Or even a less intelligent person making this construction of mish-mash?

Oh, yeah, somebody in Academia. I couldn’t help myself. I had to do a quick search. It led to Fox News and showed that Academia is, once again, working to make the simple MUCH more complex and in the process screwing up any kid at that “center of higher education,” making them much more stupid AND coercing speech.

Emphasis mine – reformatted:

University handbook encourages staff to adopt gender-neutral language, call fathers the ‘non-birthing parent’
Staff are told to acknowledge the mistake and correct themselves if they fail to use inclusive language

Staff at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra, Australia, have been encouraged to ditch the terms “mother” and “father” with the hope of being more gender-inclusive. ANU’s Gender-Inclusive Handbook has requested fathers to be referred to as the “non-birthing parent” and the term “mother” replaced with “gestational parent,” when discussing childbirth.

“While many students will identify as ‘mothers’ or ‘fathers’, using these terms alone to describe parenthood excludes those who do not identify with gender-binaries,” the handbook stated.

The handbook also recommends using the terms “breast/chest feeding” and “human/parent’s milk”, instead of “breastfeeding,” and “mother’s milk” to describe lactation. It cites a 2019 study by researcher Lauren Dinour, who said that “heterosexual and woman-focused lactation language … can misgender, isolate, and harm transmasculine parents and non-heteronormative families.

“This non-gendered language is particularly important in clinical or abstract academic discussions of childbirth and parenthood, both to recognize [sic] the identities of students in the class, and to model inclusive behavior [sic] for students entering clinical practice,” the handbook added.

Again, we’re back to the Culture War and in this case, the ever-faster march to deny the science of sex and the “separation of roles”.

Yet, note the inconsistency here as these SMAHT people try to wipe away the actual difference between the sexes to just one, undifferentiated sex in order to be “inclusive.” Yet, on the other hand, they proclaim that there are 100s of sexual identities across a broad spectrum of made-up whatever.

This idea of “inclusive” is a code word (aka, a redefinition) that says “inclusive of our beliefs – you are a heretic“). Doublespeak – inclusive means exclusion, misgender means coerced speech. and “isolate, and harm transmasculine…” means you WILL accept our situational ethics brand of Morality.

Which I will state, but shouldn’t have to, that are incompatible with traditional American morality. It is part of the plan, else why would have Obama said “”We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America”. This is just one prong of that attack – the relationship of sex and between the male and female sexes is part and parcel of our civil society foundation. That’s why it is under attack with a blithering speed of attack so as to “shift the sands” more from underneath us.

Dense Pack again is back – the threat now, but passed legislation / executive orders later; the Left begins (or continues) the transformation anew.

(H/T: Powerline)