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We are in the Reign of Slow Joe the First

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We are in the reign of Slow Joe the First. The reason we can tell we are in the First American Monarchy is the action of the King. You see, from day one dementia Joe is operating based on the theory that the rules are for thee but not for me. He shares that with the appointing oligarchs.

The oligarchs from whose pens the decrees are issuing follow their decrees when convenient. The decrees apply selectively. Just as the oligarchs are flagrantly disregarding their own rules, so too, demented Uncle Joe follows his own rules… only, if and when it may become convenient. So do as I say, not as I do; don’t ya know?

It is going to be a trip living under the reign of demented Uncle Joe. Joe Biden’s “presidency” is a sham. He can’t even salute the marines providing security. Look it up, he wears an earpiece to allow for continuous coaching. He walks past the marines and says salute the marines… He’s more like a parrot than a president.

The orders are for thee; not for me… Do as I say not as I do

On Day 1, this incompetent signs an Executive Order. It mandates masks must be worn on federal property. He signs on federal property, then later the same day, decides to not wear one at the Lincoln Memorial… federal property. The rules are for thee, not for me. Yes, your highness…

When she is asked why that happened, new Press Secretary Jen Psaki dodged. Go figure. It seems little people don’t deserve the respect of a straight answer. Didn’t Joe and every leftist blast Trump whenever he didn’t wear a mask?

Fox news reports: President Biden was quick Thursday to dismiss an Associated Press reporter who attempted to ask him a question at one of Biden’s first events as president.

While Biden signed executive orders meant to combat the coronavirus outbreak, AP White House reporter Zeke Miller pressed him about his previously-announced goal of having 100 million Americans vaccinated within the first 100 days in office. Miller asks whether the bar should be set “higher” to encourage even more Americans to get the vaccine.

And so begins the reign of Slow Joe the First, King of dementia.