Using This Logic We'll Have to Start Giving Democrats Seats on the NHGOP Exec. Committee. - Granite Grok

Using This Logic We’ll Have to Start Giving Democrats Seats on the NHGOP Exec. Committee.

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The NHGOP Executive Committee has become something of an affirmative action project. They keep giving seats to groups, but they can’t give a seat to every group, so how do you get there from here? Well, the Log Cabin Republicans “invested” at least 50,000.00 dollars to buy a seat.

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The Log Cabin Republicans are a special interest “gay issues” advocacy group. They fight for those on the Gender Spectrum, presumably under the umbrella of protecting Republican principles.

Jennifer Horn finally burned out her tenuous welcome (with Republicans and later Log Cabin Republicans), trying to get them a seat on the same board (and now she is a Democrat).

Today, at the state party meeting, there is a motion to add them again to the Executive Board.


You can’t give everyone a seat and certainly not a voting seat.

Gun Groups, Home School groups, Right to Work, and groups like the 603 Alliance all exhaust significant blood and treasure to advance the principles for which the Republican party claims to stand. We at have more than exceeded the threshold. But we don’t have the cash to give to the party or the candidates.

And we’re not saying we or anyone else deserves a seat on that board.

The Log Cabin Republicans is a national organization with deep pockets. They have a lot of cash. They can buy access to local groups and do. But do they represent our party values? Does that even matter?

We’re all good on guns, but they are pushing for a nationwide ban on conversion therapy. New Hampshire already has this, and it should be repealed. Why? It claims to protect anyone under 18 from receiving “therapy” that could convince them they heterosexual, even if they want that.

That’s no longer a choice.

In other words, in the name of not using private acts that discuss that you might be a certain way (to which you can at least conceivably object), they have promoted an act of government force that prohibits you from being counseled in a way you might choose on your own (that you cannot legally overcome).

I get that there have been aggressive therapists who might use tactics (especially on children at the behest of parents) to convince them they are not gay. The response to that is not to ban an entire path to recovery someone may want or need.

I don’t care if your group is good on guns – we have plenty of those, and they are not pushing crap like this.

And you can’t give seats to every group that “deserves” one, and you should not be giving a group one because they spent money on your party.

What is your rationale behind the proposed amendment?

Log Cabin Republicans in the 2020 cycle raised over $50,000 promoting and supporting our Candidates across the State. We were very helpful with the State Senate races and several State House seats. We helped over 20 candidates and helped in the victories of 18. Our organization believes there is value to have a voice at the table.

Using that logic, I can think of more than a few Democrats and Democrat groups that raised and spent money that (though this was not their intention) helped get Republicans elected.

I guess they deserve a seat on the committee too.