Tom Brady Leads Tampa Bay Past Green Bay - He's Going Back to the SuperBowl - Granite Grok

Tom Brady Leads Tampa Bay Past Green Bay – He’s Going Back to the SuperBowl

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I know I’m not supposed to watch the NFL, and I don’t. I’ve not watched a televised game in years. But I do check in on the highlights. I’m also supposed to care about the New England Patriots (I do, but they suck this year) and not Tom Brady, who left.

But when the Bucs joined the League, I was a fan.

I was a child, and we vacationed around Tampa quite a bit. I was excited about the expansion, and they sucked. As a rule, they suck. With few exceptions, the Tampa Bay Bucs are lousy.

Brady went there, and they already had potential, so I confess to watching the highlights.  I’m a huge fan of peoples striving for perfection regardless of the field.

I’ve told the story many times of how when I was in the stent lab after my heart attack, that I was impressed by the way the team worked. Nurses, doctors, orbiting me, doing this and that.  It was a strange, beautiful, professional dance.

People who know what the f**k they are doing, doing it.

It impresses me. From short-order cooks to plumbers to heart surgeons, pride and effort matter.

So, watching Brady in his new uniform be Brady, that’s a thing worth a some of my time. And he’s going to the Super Bowl again. His tenth trip. Surrounded by a different team.

Earlier this evening, they took on the favored Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers. No small feat. But the Pack couldn’t beat Brady even with his throwing three interceptions.

They won.

They will play the winner of Buffalo and the Chiefs.

The Chiefs are favored.

I grew up in Western New York. Went to College in Buffalo (for a few years). I’d be more than happy to see something else that’s never happened.

Tom Brady beating the Bills in the Superbowl. It’s never been possible until now. And Brady is good at beating the Bills.

And the Bills have had some great years. Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas.  Good times. They have been to the big game several times but never won it.

Maybe we’ll see if this is the year. Or maybe not.