This Is The Way. - Granite Grok

This Is The Way.

I am not sure what term to apply to voters who support Trump’s policies and have had it with the quisling GOP Establishment … America-First, MAGA, conservatives, etc. But whatever you want to call us … this is the way.

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If we make 2022 about giving the GOP control of Congress, we are going about it all wrong. It needs to be about giving us (voters who support Trump’s policies) control of the GOP. Even if that means the Democrats retain control of Congress. It does us no good … in fact it harms us … to make NeverTrump Mitch McConnell the Majority Leader again. Same for Kevin McCarthy in the House.

Remember the GOP retaking the House in 2010? And then the Senate in 2014? And how they promptly defunded Obamacare? Oh wait, they didn’t. They told us we needed a GOP President to do that. And when in 2016 we gave them one who was ready, willing and able to repeal and replace Obamacare? You remember what happened? They still didn’t. They told us they needed bigger majorities.

No getting fooled again. Primary all the Biden-Republicans in 2022. Do NOT support Biden-Republicans that make it through the primary. From U.S. Senators all the way down to the Statehouses. This is the way.

Then, in 2024, with a cohesive Party purged of the Biden-Republicans we win control of the national government and this time we actually use the power. This is the way.