Striking a Blow Against the Evil Empire at 0.5% a Nibble. - Granite Grok

Striking a Blow Against the Evil Empire at 0.5% a Nibble.

Amazon Smile

Sometimes, an insurgency is successful against an enemy by using the “Death by a Thousand Cuts.” And it is clear that Amazon Web Services services are the Borg with Parler as one notch in its gun belt. But do too many of us think “Too big to compete?”

Sarah Hoyt at Instapundit shows us one technique to nibble a bit it at the edges and help those on our side that could use it:

EVERY SUNDAY: I do a promo post for (mostly) indie writers on my blog.  Yes, the links are to Amazon. I’m assured AWS (data storage) is the bulk of Amazon business.  Ebooks are barely a blip, and for now the best hope of indie writers, and writers on the right. Btw, did you know you could pick Project Veritas in the Smile program?  I mean “Everyone does business with authority like everyone does business with gravity” but…. doesn’t mean we can’t put it to use.

I cannot lie – we do buy from Amazon (Amazon Prime, to boot). But I didn’t know about its Smile program.

For all eligible products, Amazon will fork over 0.5% of the price to charities of your choice among the over 1 million that are supported. And Project Veritas (founded and headed by ‘Grok friend, James O’Keefe) is one of that million.

This is goodness – get what you need and help out someone on our side.

TMEW signed us up and clicked on Project Veritas – done!

Project_Veritas James O'Keeffe