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Just Trust China … Nothing to See Here

Just trust China

The Left is no longer working overtime leveraging a virus to manipulate an election. Now we’re seeing a different picture. China does not look to be our partner and friend. The concerns many have been raising about the origins of the coronavirus suddenly do not seem so implausible.

What are we covering up?

At worst SARS CoV2 may have been a designer virus. Maybe it was leaked. Maybe it got into the world more intentionally.

Dismissal of such explanations was done out of hand pre-election. Their dismissal as conspiracy theories and nonsense was wrong. With China now blocking the WHO team’s entry it seems like all bets are off.

China’s closest horseshoe bat population was hundreds of miles from Wuhan. The Horseshoe bat was not available for sale in the Wuhan market. There is a research facility studying dangerous viruses just a few hundred yards from the market. We have been told the point of origin was definitely the wet market in Wuhan… reassured even… repeatedly.

Yet here we are. Somehow, China’s government, the CCP leadership was not very forthcoming. Not with information helpful in understanding the virus. Not with how to treat the virus in the earliest stages. And now they are blocking WHO efforts to study the disease’s origins. It does not seem like the kind of actions of an ally or a friendly nation,

Whistleblowing doctors were and are facing the heavy hand of the authoritarian state. Foreign journalists were sent away. Local journalists are facing prison sentences. One was recently sentenced to a 4-year prison term. Is this the behavior of a government with nothing to hide? Just trust China.

WHO’s surprised?

Now, after announcing foreigners from WHO could come to investigate the origins, we have a new plot twist.

The World Health Organization says China is blocking the arrival of that investigation team. Their task was to determine the origins of the coronavirus pandemic. This is a rare rebuke from the U.N. agency.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says two scientists on the U.N. team have already left their home countries for Wuhan. They were told that Chinese officials had not given the necessary approvals or mandatory permissions to enter the country when the arrangements had pre-approval from China in advance. It just does not feel right.

According to CNN, Tedros told a news conference in Geneva on Tuesday, “I am very disappointed with this news… I have been in contact with senior Chinese officials and I have once again made clear that the mission is a priority for WHO and the international team.”

Are there still some hard drives that haven’t gotten the bleach bit treatment? Some boxes of documents still waiting to be shredded? Were there staffers whose party loyalties are still questionable? Did they need quiet ‘reassignment’?

And what are we gonna do? Just trust China. I guess we all just nod in agreement with Cuomo’s line; this was the Europevirus. Smile when you say that. Cuomo expects the rest of us to be as unthinkingly obedient to the narrative as he is. Somehow nodding along as we go along and get along… It just does not feel right.