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Is an Insurrection Act Operation Underway?


There is a lot of interest in the notion that President Trump is preparing to bring the hammer down on the legions of lawless ruling class yahoos before he leaves office. That the Insurrection Act was not just signed but that it has been put into motion.

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Recent posts on our pages about the President addressing the nation, hundreds of thousands of sealed indictments, and the rumor that Trump signed the Insurrection Act are getting a lot of traffic.

It’s Yuge!

So, yes, there is a lot of interest in the topic. And to be honest, I  don’t have answer any of your questions. I can only share what other people are sharing with me and let you and your imaginations run wild with possibility.

First, I’m not there yet. After years of waiting for Ruling-Class corruptocrats in both parties and the swamp to face justice, I’m jaded. Until I see people in handcuffs frog-marched to Gitmo for military trials this is all rumor and speculation.

Rumor: Trump signed the Insurrection act. Arrests are already being made internationally and domestically—mostly low-profile.

Rumor: The 15,000 national guard troops milling about DC are not there to ensure the safety of the Inauguration and transition. They are staged to arrest thousands of actors within and around the Federal government for trial and to suppress riots.

Rumor: Similar ramp-ups in cities around the nation are for a similar purpose.

Rumor: Military arrests will begin this weekend.

Rumor: We will be under martial law for two weeks (give ro take) while the Military rounds up the “crooks” and suppresses expected riots.

Rumor: Many of the sealed criminal indictments we’ve heard so much about could be executed during the operation.

Rumor: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will not be sworn into office.

Rumor: The massive investment in recent years at Guantanamo Bay is not in preparation for the trials of high-ranking foreign terrorists. They are for domestic terrorists within our government or working with them who will be arrested in the coming days/weeks.

Rumor: Media, High Tech, and Corporatists involved in the collusion could also be arrested.

Rumor: Mitch McConnell pretended to favor ousting Trump.

Rumor: The Sh*t is about to Hit The Fan.

I’m not saying any of this is true or not true. I simply do not have what I would consider reliable sources for confirmation. I’m also, as noted, jaded about the endless promises. Cleaning up the swamp. Sweeping out corruption.

We have watched as the Deep State, and its Democrat masters have selectively applied law and outrage in favor of themselves and their agenda to the detriment of others almost entirely unopposed. I find it difficult to think we’ll get justice now.

I am also flabbergasted by the notion that anything with this many moving parts could be kept a secret such that some high-profile outlet had not blow the lid off of it.

I agree that the system is completely broken, and time is running out to fix it.

Would I like this to all be true? Yes. We are on a collision course with tyranny. Not the speculative variety, the actual thing.

Is it going to happen? Again, I won’t believe it until I see it. You are free to land anywhere on the spectrum of believability commensurate to your level of tolerance fo rsuch things.