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Inside Source Says 7 Died in a Dover, NH Nursing Home After Receiving the Vaccine

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An anonymous source with the NH Health Care Industry has indicated to us that seven elderly patients died after receiving a vaccine COVD19. The reported cause of death? COVID19.

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For clarification, we are not anti-vaxxers, I’m not at the very least. Vaccines can help irradicate viral scourges, and the benefits, more often than not, outweigh the risks. But we also accept the need for informed consent. The critical part of that is “informed.”

Especially when the message blasted at us for months has been fear and censorship when we challenge them with contradicting data. Never a good combination.

So, yes, institutional – political denial is baked in the CVODI19 cake.

The Sad News

The source has asked to remain anonymous but they are reporting that two patients in a Dover, NH, Long Term Care Facility (LTCF) died within 48 hours of being vaccinated. The other 5 (all vaccinated right after Christmas) died over the next ten days.

The recorded cause of death is COVID19 – the virus, not the vaccine.

We are pursuing more details.

High-risk patients are at the top of the list for vaccination. If the vaccine could kill them or at least some of them, they might want to take their chances with the virus.

Again, a decision we’ve repeatedly said is something they need to make with their family and their doctor if those options are available. They also need to know about this.

We will update the story as more information becomes available.