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I Think This Sums up Gregg Krill’s Post Succinctly

Unity White Supremacists

Gregg’s post on how the Left manipulates the Right via language “twists” pretty much sums up what the Democrats are trying to do with redefining our language.

Turn us all into the kinds of people that Conservatives can’t accept (and that’s the whole point). Little nudges to the language, use a phrase and then twist it.

To wit – Make American Great Again -> | America First        | -> <start the twist> Nationalists -> White Nationalists -> White Supremacists
| Patriots                   |
| Conservatives        |
| Libertarians           |
| Constitutionalists |

See! Add in people of faith, toss in “extremists” (which the Left will NEVER define) and there you go. Demand Unity from we Deplorables but turning everyone else against these “Untouchables” (the Indian caste system kind of Untouchables).

Just agree with us and all will be forgiven – until we get what we want.

(H/T: Powerline)

And just for emphasis, I’ll toss this in as well as the Dems keep forgetting about this little incident – but certainly want us to as well:

Conservatives, tone down your rhetoric

Again, accuse us of what they’ve been doing for years…