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Gorham Snowflake Thinks Bird-Watchers Wearing Camo Are Domestic Terrorists

Bohemian waxwing

Fans of Firefly will get the multiple meanings in that title. For the rest of you, a resident in Gorham, NH, (not gorram) contacted the police after seeing people in town wearing camouflage and carrying large cameras. Were they afraid they were gonna “shoot” someone?

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The sort of person most likely to make such a call is probably a fan of the police-state (cameras and shooting) as well as the news media, cameras, and “shooting.” So, it has to be the camouflage that’s the problem.

Does that make them afraid of our own troops? Probably. But then they call the police whom they want to defund, so we’re back to what’s the gorram problem with this person in Gorham?

The otherwise useless Conway Daily Sun has the “news.”

“A Mechanic Street resident saw some folks in camo with long-lens cameras walking down the street,” said David Govatski of Jefferson, a retired WMNF forester and avid birder who posts sightings online on NHBirds and eBird Hotspot Explorer.

“She’d seen some trucks with political flags racing up and down Main Street last Wednesday, Jan. 6 (when mobs of domestic terrorists assaulted the U.S. Capitol), and put two and two together. So, she called the police, who came and chatted with the birders,” he said.

I take “political flags” to mean Trump, which is discriminatory, but then the self-styled party of equal rights was always about anything but that. Their legions backed Antifa terrorists for years. They advocated violence against minorities (in their name) all summer. And their policies have trapped many in generational poverty under the guise of the war on poverty, defenseless on crime-riddled streets with their so-called common-sense gun laws.

Avid culture watchers will tell you it is true; no camo required.

Ironically, the people with the ‘political flags’ support the guy who did more for minorities in a few years than the ‘Black President’ did in eight or any of the other presidents who preceded him (perhaps all the way back to Lincoln).

Certainly more than the pasty-white-predatory-sex-assaulting-hair-sniffer Joe Biden and his police-state tyrant VP, Comrade Harris.

The birders – at least momentarily indifferent to the stench of war seething from the pores of modern society (labeled as the political climate) – were just there to look for Bohemian waxwings eating crabapples, which are also indifferent though not just momentarily.  David Govatski of Jefferson, who posted the notice that attracted the alleged domestic terrorist bird-watchers, has since suggested that Birders not wear camo (to avoid triggering the snowflakes).

He should have suggested the snowflakes lighten up, but that’s not a real-world option.

These people were high-strung before the propaganda hate campaigns of the major media and Demo politicians. They are hopelessly primed to do everything in their power to usher in the thing of which they’ve accused Mr. Trump. A police state where people in camo with big cameras will, in fact, be working for the government.

And if you see them, you quickly hide behind your curtains and mind your own gorram business.