A 'Congress' of Clowns - Granite Grok

A ‘Congress’ of Clowns

Is there anything more hysterical than impeaching a president who has a week left in office?  If there is, I’m having trouble thinking of it just now.  It’s hysterical in both common senses of that word:  the original meaning of ‘marked by uncontrollable extreme emotion’ (or simply ‘out of control’), and the more modern meaning of ‘extremely funny’.

It feels like Congress turned a corner yesterday.  I just don’t see how it’s possible to take it seriously as a legislative body from here on, except that it has a lot of perceived authority, which makes it dangerous, and therefore worthy of attention — but ‘worthy’ in the way that a clogged and overflowing toilet on the second floor of a house is worthy of attention because of the damage that it can do, and not because what comes out of it has any value.

I just looked up the word for a group of clowns — like a ‘flock’ of geese, or a ‘murder’ of crows — and was surprised to find that a group of clowns is called an ‘alley’ of clowns.  But it’s uncommon enough that no one seems to know about it, let alone use it.  So I’d like to propose that from now on, we use the word ‘Congress’ (capitalized) to refer to any group of clowns, especially dangerous ones.