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End Lockdowns.org – The Political Response is Killing People

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Hectic day, so I’m going to drop this resource in your lap and set you loose, but it’s a great resource. End Lockdowns.org is committed to curating data about the cost of the political response to COVID19.

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Here’s but one nifty graph they provide, which you can compare to other data, some of which we have shared from the CDC, UN, and other approved Left-Wing mouthpieces. We’ve focused on kids on these pages (and here’s some more bad news for COVID policy Nazis on Kids, from the NYT), but the effects are widespread.

Addiction, drug abuse, opioid overdoses, and suicides are all up and by big numbers. We’re talking about policy decisions that are harming tens or hundreds of millions who have little to no risk from SARS CoV2.

To make that point, here is but one of several graphs provided to give some context.

We talked about life years lost for kids – which is huge. They are suffering Health, economic, educational harms, and food security issues thanks to the “smart people” that will shave decades off their lives for a disease that kills the very old and ill with little life left to live and almost no one else.

YLL Comparison


It’s a good resource. Please take time to check it out, and share what you find with us or in the comments.