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Welcome To Your Dystopian Future

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Welcome to your dystopian future. One where the idea I’m about to share would seem absurd only 9 months ago. Crazy conspiracy stuff that you will now find not just plausible but likely.

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I brought it up this morning on WSMN 1590 AM.

You go to the store to buy cold medicine, maybe to have it around; it is flu season. You scan it and pay, or someone scans it for you.

What happens next?

Does someone have to ask you if you have been tested for COVID? If you have been vaccinated? If people in your home have been tested or vaccinated?

Does your employer know? Are they tested or vaccinated?

Could the retailer be punished if they don’t ask or report this?

If you scan it at a self-checkout, does it stop you and call someone over?

Are you allowed to leave the store? Does somebody come to talk to you or get your information?

Are credit card companies going to have to notify local health departments of the purchase so someone can come to your home and test you? With armed support in case you object or resist?

It all sounds absurd, but is it?

We’re already there. We let it get this far. What I just outlined is a baby step—one executive or emergency order away from reality.

Business owners in Nashua deny service to customers they want and need for fear of being fined for failing to enforce what may be an unconstitutional portion of that city mask mandate.

Vermont is going to ask healthy school children if they traveled for Thanksgiving and then quarantine them if they say yes.

Their families too.

Governors are telling people not to gather for The Family Dinner. Cases. Too many cases.

Do you not see where this leads, where it lead us?

We were not the only ones to say it, but back in April and May, we knew public health was a tool that would be abused. That would lead to an increasing state of fascism.

We have arrived. The dystopian future is now.

If left unchecked or unchallenged, there is no problem or policy opposition that public safety cannot be involved to “solve.”

We’ve seen that too. Pro-government rallies and riots are exempt from concern or condemnation from those who would rule us this way.

And that cannot be allowed to continue.

Please support those who are working to free us from this madness.

America is the last real hope for freedom. Freedom is far rarer a thing than death.  Don’t let Live Free or Die lose all meaning.

Because death is not the worst of evils.