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How to Get a Copy of Your Criminal Record in NH

Court Records

There are many reasons to want to get a copy of your criminal record, for a job application, for instance. In the USA, your right to see your criminal records is protected by law. In New Hampshire, the rights are protected by the New Hampshire Right to Know Law, which was brought into effect in 1976. Records that have been retained by the local or state government are transparent, meaning that they can be accessed. The most recent changes to the law have come into effect in 2002.

Steps to Get Court Records
There are a couple of ways to get access to the court records in New Hampshire, whether you prefer the “old fashioned” way of offline mail or you want to search records online.

Online Methods
Fortunately, most court records, especially from recent years, have been digitized so that you can access them online. Searching court records online is simple, and means you can get results in minutes rather than waiting for the mail. Criminal Records in New Hampshire do not have their own search platform but there are collections of public records data that can be accessed.

Offline Methods
One way to get access to court records is to contact the court via mail. They will be able to provide copies of the records you request. Your criminal record should be on record and all crimes since 1976 should be easy to access.

The address to write to request court records in New Hampshire is:

New Hampshire Supreme Court
One Charles Doe Drive
Concord, NH 03301

The New Hampshire Department of Safety Division of State Police may also be able to help, and can carry out a criminal background check on someone for a fee.


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