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A Comprehensive Look at The Cost of Lockdowns

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This may be one of the most comprehensive collections of data on the topic that I’ve seen to date. It is a compendium of links, data, reports, news, and research on the negative effect of the Political Response to COVID19.

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It comes to us care of the American Institute of Economic Research (AIER).

Here is a brief look at the cost of stringencies in the United States, and around the world, including stay-at-home orders, closings of business and schools, restrictions on gatherings, shutting of arts and sports, restrictions on medical services, and interventions in the freedom of movement.

Lefties want to snap like twigs (Fake News!), but that’s premature. This preliminary report is not something AIER whipped up in their basement. It cites data from sources left-wingers typically love.

The CDC, Brookings, Lancet, and the World Health Organization. The World Bank, UNICEF, The Urban Institute, The Federal Reserve, The BLS, and the Washington Post. Even the UN.

It covers adverse effects from the political response in areas of Hunger and Poverty, Mental Health, Unemployment, Education, the Economy, and (yes!) Health Care.

If it takes a village, this village has f**ked up a lot of people’s lives all over the world, and it will cost millions their lives and livelihoods if these sources are correct.

This is at the center of our objection to these political reactions. They are not saving lives. They are trading death we don’t see (because the Media ignores it) for numbers deceptively hawked as the only thing that matters.

The number of cases means nothing compared to the small percentage of people who will need to be hospitalized or who actually die from COVID19.

Yes, to die of an illness is a tragedy, but when innocent people die at their government’s hands, that is a crime.

Millions of people are paying the price for the response. Not one they chose, but that was forced upon them by politicians. And until we stop the politicians, that number will only grow, impacting lives for years to come. An effect for which there is no vaccine and whose only remedy is freedom.

The right to freely make personal decisions appropriate to you, your life, family, and tolerance for risk.

Anything else is and continues to be an abuse of power that is killing people and ruining lives.


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