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Land O Lakes Got Rid of the Indian and Kept the Land

Land O Lakes got rid of the indian and kept the land

The summer of scrubbing ethnic people from store packaging seems to have calmed down now that autumn is upon us. But it was heady for a while. Uncle Ben, Aunt Jemimah, even the Mutual of Omaha Indian Chief got the hatchet. A process exemplified by Land O Lakes when they ditched Mia for a box with land but no Indian.

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Mia’s memory is now part of history, wiped out by the fear of radical mobs hijacking the brand as a poster child for injustice. An effort to appease that turned into a historical reenactment. A bunch of (mostly white?) farmers in Minnesota got together and kicked the “Indian” off her “land.”

Mia #Woke up the next day homeless with a crinkled yellow Post-It with the local welfare office’s address scribbled in pencil. They’ll assign you a social worker, dear. Help you to find some new job skills. How about Mob agitator? Or diversity coordinator, sorry that’s the same thing.

Do you know anything about cows of cheese?

And let’s not forget the Washington Football Team, formerly known as the Redskins. I don’t spend much time on the NFL, but Washington State (they have Seattle) needs another team. Their logo can be some flyover country rube in a Tractor Supply hat holding a bag of feed with a dog and a tractor in the background.

Nothing insensitive about that. But if they did it, they would be excoriated for their insensitivity. “Honoring” or elevating the image of some average hard-working white guy. Which tells you everything you need to know about the people racing to remove ethnic images from their marketing.

Their f-d up politics is a cultural bi-polar basket case. Nothing means anything until they decide and only as long as needed. Hard-working is racist. But it would be no better if it were some couch-bound corpulent snack-munching mass, popcorn littering a belly bathed in the glow from the television.

Did you put butter on that? Was it Land O Lakes? Mia’s out of a job, you thankless white-privileged Nazi. But it couldn’t be a person of color (racist) or the Indian maiden formerly of Land O Lakes even if she was a translesbian flutist without a head house full of cats.

That’s the problem with diversity/ethnicity and equity in Post Modernist, Critical Theory Amerika. It’s a transient force applied liberally as needed, then tossed aside like yesterday’s promises.

There is no history unless it serves the agenda moving forward. No foundation. There is no such thing as objective knowledge or truth. History, Science, Math, and, most importantly, language are constructs of white supremacy to keep minorities down, even among people of color who defend it.

Crazy people are (literally) running that asylum. And many are in elected office right here in New Hampshire. Will any of them get around to admitting (next indigenous people’s day) that all the Civilized “Native American” tribes kept black slaves.

I know, you’re saving that one for when they realize that movement isn’t going to make their lives any better.

Maybe that’s why Mia had to take a hike.