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ICYMI: WMUR Aired Biden Corruption Exposé


With the current media blackouts and social-media banning posts regarding the Biden Crime Family corruption scandal, it’s hard to believe that our intrepid media watchdogs once had their teeth firmly embedded in Ol’ Joe’s backside over Hunter, Ukraine, and China.

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But we have proof!

You see, back in the dark mists of time, before the Democrats started to erase (yet more) history, The Democrat Party and their media enablers had a youthful and vigorous slate of candidates too numerous to remember: Furry Beto the gun-grabber, “Combs” Klobuchar, the Castro Brothers, Dashing Pete Booty-Judge, Lieawatha Warren, Heels-up Harris, the energetic fossil, Bernie Sanders, tired Old Joe, and more. Obama, who knew Joe nearly as intimately as Joe knows the necks of young girls, persuaded Joe to stay out of 2016, and again cautioned “You don’t have to do this, Joe” for the 2020 race, but there Joe was nonetheless, a little slower, a little more gaffe-prone, but still pulling a sizable portion of the primary vote.

What’s a party to do? They badly wanted a smooth-talking socialist, the second coming of Obama, as it were, but Amy, Beto, Kamala, Lizzy, Petey, and more were in Joe’s shadow, and only Bernie was generating actual excitement.

Time for Plan A – Ol’ Joe must go! Sitting in my local diner on June 20th, 2019, what should flash across the screen, but a major corruption story involving Joe and Hunter Biden – you thought Crooked Hillary was selling future access? You hadn’t seen anything yet! Right there on Good Morning America, Tom Llamas pursued the story, and the Bidens around the world, and got lots of answers, except from Joe himself, of course! Just in case ABC is “reminded” of their apostasy, and “disappear” the story, we have it right here – they did a great job, and it would be a shame if something happened to it, if you know what I mean:

Then back last summer, Trump showed an interest in dealing with American corruption in Ukraine, which got the attention of Lt Col “Flounder” Vindman, who groomed a “whistleblower,” who went to Adam Schiff-for-brains, who started the fake impeachment game. Now, and especially as the other candidates flamed out one by one, time for Plan B – The Party HAD to prop up Old Joe and take a few extra swipes at Trump: How DARE he expose their corruption? Only THEY can expose Democrat corruption!

And so it all went quiet on the Biden Crime Family front for almost a year, but the problem with being a crackhead like Hunter, is you tend to leave stuff behind and forget all about it, whether it’s a crack pipe in a rental car, or a pregnant stripper in Arkansas, or a sick Laptop at a computer store. When Hunter failed to pick up and pay for the now functional laptop after much more than the 90 days specified in the repair contract, the store owner took a look, was horrified, called the FBI, and made a copy of the drive for insurance.

After months of no feedback from the FBI, not even questions to confirm the provenance of the laptop, the store owner reached out to Rudy Giuliani and the NY Post. Since Rudy is a noted prosecutor of high-level fraud and corruption, and the NY Post is fearless in exposing crooked politicians (after all they have plenty right there in NYC), the story broke like an avalanche in a spring rainstorm!

ABC, was, of course, glad to claim credit for their earlier dogged investigation and report……… Well, not exactly: Little Georgie Clintonopoulos wouldn’t touch it, especially during his “highly respectful” Treatment of Old Joe in ABC’s “town hall” sham this week! With all the effort being made to lose the story, I thought it especially important to remember that ABC’s Good Morning America once practiced journalism, as little as 15 months ago!

Seeing all of the above, and knowing that other Biden Family members have been trading on the family name for lucrative government deals, foreign and domestic, is it any wonder that Dr Jill keeps pushing Joe toward the finish line? If he loses, her whole family could be going to jail! Appropriate cartoon from Gary Varvel:

Gary Varvel – Hunter Toll Booth

In case you thought Hunter’s corruption was all his own, and Joe was insulated, consider this special 2016 Fathers Day cover of Popular Mechanics (are mechanics like ‘plumbers’?):

Hunter learned all he knows from Good Ol’ Joe. Hmmmm.

That little speech bubble from Joe on the PM cover: “We have an expression in our family: If you have to ask for help, it’s too late.” I kinda think Joe knows all about helping himself!

“If you have to ask for help, it’s too late!” Joe’s clearly adept at helping himself – to anything he wants!

And as a footnote, we saved the original ABC News article on the subject – rather long PDF:

Biden sidesteps questions about his son’s foreign business dealings but promises ethics pledge – ABC

And the original story, while it’s still up.

Don’t say ABC/WMUR never do the right thing – it’s just that their moral compass seems to have spun around!