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First NBC Now ABC – Dem Partisans at Biden Townhall Described As Undecided

Town hall vs town hall

Eleven days ago, we shared news care of Blaze Media that NBC had lied to its audience. They do that every night, you say. Well, yes, they do. But this was a town hall where audience members described as undecided were Biden supporters planted to toss softballs to Dementia Joe.

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I surmised, correctly I suspect, that Biden knew most or all of the questions in advance so he could practice his responses.  It now appears as if ABC did the same thing for the so-called “debate” Townhall.

While President Trump was actually “debating” hostile ‘moderator’ Savannah Guthrie for 20 minutes, Clinton Comms guy George Stephanopolous was carefully walking Joe through another scripted play.

It was much like NBC’s political theater in Miami, but ABC took it up another level.


The Washington Free Beacon reported on Oct. 6 that two attendees who were identified as undecided voters at an NBC town hall with Biden had previously been shown on NBC’s sister network, MSNBC, as Biden supporters.


Not just voters. One was a former Obama Speech Writer. “Nathan Osburn… worked for the Office of Public Affairs at the Commerce Department under the Obama-Biden administration…” According to reports, Osburn’s occupation was identified as “communications.”

The other was the wife of a Democrat County Committee member. Mieke Haeck’s husband is “Ezra Nanes, a high-profile Democrat in Pennsylvania who in 2018 ran a campaign challenging Republican state Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman.” Not exactly an unbiased quantity.

Saving Private Biden

And it has not gone unnoticed.

An increasing number of people who would not typically speak up about such things are outraged at the corporate media’s deliberate Left-Wing bias. A discovery that I encourage them to explore in other areas of their reporting.

It’s not just the presidential debates or even the race for the White House. As most of our readers now, this infection runs deep and touches every event, issue, or statement made on either side.  What they report, what they avoid, and how they frame it. All of it has some level of bias, and more often than not, it is deliberate.

They are picking winners and losers, and that is what confounds them so much about Trump. Even though many of his policies have accomplished things for which they claim to stand (improving the lives of minorities, for example), their visceral hatred for the disruptor prohibits them from recognizing this. Or, more importantly, that on the whole Democrat solutions have made the lives of minorities worse.

Which affirms truths we make often. No policy, action, or initiative on the left is meant to do anything but secure Democrat party rule. And there is no reporting from the media that will stand between Democrats and that objective.

It’s a fact, and they go out of their way to prove it every chance they get.