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Doh! – Minneapolis Residents Sue City, Not Enough Cops Patrolling the Streets

Democrats have run Minneapolis and Minnesota for years

If you want to know why conservatives are right about Democrats, look at Minneapolis. After George Floyd overdosed on Fentanyl Antifa decided to align with BLM and unleash the war they’d promised while the Dems were quick to demand change.

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“Quick” is the last way you ever want any politician to do anything. Ever.

And conservatives, contrary to Left-Wing fairy tales, do not want to return the world to the 18th century, that would be Democrats. We want to preserve the limits of government to protect natural rights. The founders knew it and tried to create a State that would slow down the sudden urges of politicians and peoples alike.

But a small band of noisy partisans quickly decapitated law and order in the Twin Cities to the accolades of idiot leftists from sea to so-called rising sea. The results? Democrats destroy everything they touch.


A complete lack of support for law enforcement at a time when it could not be needed more. And the publicly expressed desire to kneecap them at the same time. The Minneapolis City Council jumped at the opportunity. We are so damn progressive were going to defund the police during riots and crime spree, of all things.


Several City Councilors have since realized they were wrong to support this, too late for the business and lives ruined. And that leads us to this headline: ‘Minneapolis residents sue city over police staffing.’


A group of residents have had enough of the crime and violence in the city of Minneapolis, arguing in a lawsuit that there aren’t enough police patrolling the streets right now.

The lawsuit claims the city is falling short on MPD staffing levels required in its own city charter.


What’s the big deal? “Former Councilor Don Samuels and his wife say children can’t go outside right now as violent crimes including shootings, carjackings, and murders have increased since the death of George Floyd.”

You mean since Liberals allowed BLM, Antifa, and street criminals they let out of jail take over the city? What about social workers? Weren’t they supposed to fill the void? None of them either? And if I had to guess, there’s a shortage of grief councilors as well?

The city denies that it has failed to provide proper policing levels. I guess the rising crime is a product of global warming or something.

The solution to the policing problem is probably not a lawsuit but elections. Too bad Ilhan Omar’s vote-buying ring decides elections. Something else for which the people of Minneapolis and Hennepin County have only themselves to blame.


Stop electing Democrats. Oh, and one more thing. If you can’t make the city council and mayor defend the police force, you can complain about staffing all you like. No one is going to go to work for a city knowing they are going to get attacked by mobs and at any moment they might be the next cop on the block to advance some nutty left-wing wishlist-clearance-sale agenda item.

It’s the same story in every Democrat-run American city. Do you want law and order? Do you want lower crime rates? Stop electing Democrats.