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BlogQuestion of the Day – Did the Democrats Really Know in Advance?

Amy Coney Barrett

Is The Biden Scandal The Reason Democrats Pushed Voters To Cast Ballots Before Election Day?

No, but it is certainly true it is helping them right now given how late this Hunter/Joe Biden pay-to-play years-long quid-pro-Joe.

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Not all the details have come out even yet but I HAVE to imagine that it has to be changing some hard-fast minds to the opposite way. I DID see a post that one of the leading searches is “How do I change my vote” in about half of the battle states.

The other excuse that is taking advantage of this is with the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court where the Democrats are trying to have their cake and eat it too.

As I had pointed out before, Progressives wanted the Government to supply healthcare to everyone (the anvil), and now that they are close (still) with Obamacare, they then started to kvetch that people had to stop smoking, drinking, and modify or stop other “undesirable” behaviors because it was costing too much in healthcare (the hammer). So with the former, they wanted to “extend Freedom” via the Positive Right that Government HAD to do something FOR you (even as they wanted you to ignore the sleight of hand that you, or someone else, were paying for it). With the latter, they complained that what they had given you was too expensive because you were “abusing the Freedom” they had given you (note that construction), so they had the “Right” to withdraw that “Right” from you because you cost Government too much (watch your head hit on both sides from the anvil and the hammer).

Now, back to the original question – and the similarity to the above. They WANTED you to vote early – to obviate the “October surprise” they figured might come.

However, have you listened to them berating others in “HOW COULD YOU APPOINT ACB DURING AN ELECTION! They need to have their say!”. Well, they pushed for early voting (the anvil) but are complaining that Supreme Court vacancy left by RBG (the hammer) needs to be used to stop the Republicans. Our votes back in 2016, when elected a Republican President whose term is not over PLUS the Republican Senate majority are now the head they are trying to smash.

Different story, same technique.

(H/T: I&I)