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And Another Democrat Candidate for the NH House Gets Caught Stealing Signs

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Did you hear the one about the Democrat NH House candidate from Hollis? Democrat Tom Harris got caught red-handed, taking someone else’s signs. His excuse? He told the Hollis police he goes out after elections and removes signs.

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This is illegal. Period. Under any circumstance, you do not take property that is not yours or that you do not have permission to remove. However, if you have a good excuse in Hollis, they’ll let you walk away, which is ironic. That’s what was on the signs Democrat candidate Tom Harris was stealing.


Davidson statement on sign stealing Hollis


Based on his own statement to the police, and this is my opinion, I have to conclude that he has been removing other people’s signs for years.

So, we have a wannabe lawmaker making up his own laws (or interpretations of them) before he ever gets into office. Talk about a template for Democrat rule. You don’t need that property, let me take that off your hands!

Pro Tip: If you can’t see the small print and don’t know whose signs they are (I don’t care what your intent is after you get caught), why are you touching them? And how many signs (that did not belong to you) have you removed in all your years, Tom Harris? Dozens, hundreds?

As for the Hollis PD, talk about walking away. Incidents of sign vandalism and theft appear to be at an all-time high. If you do not make examples of anyone or everyone caught stealing or defacing other people’s property, it never ends.

This is just my opinion by I think Hollis Democrat Tom Harris knows exactly what he is doing, and he’s been doing it for a very long time.

Case in point. If Tom was out picking up signs, why did he take Hollis GOP signs but didn’t walk away with these Democrat signs nearby?

signs tom harris left behind


I think Tom ‘Sign Stealer’ Harris has some explaining to do and not just over his selective “good-samaritan” sign collecting habits.

In his “why I’m running statement,” he writes, “I want the very best for our kids and grand-kids. We are in crazy times with far too much violence and anger. The kids are scared, and the parents are scared too. My friends are under a near-constant barrage of chaotic news and tragedies.”

If Democrats stopped rioting and the media stopped lying, we would immediately return to the sort of place Tom says he wants to live. In other words, his party and their media allies are making America unlivable, so guys like Tom can claim they’ll fix it if elected.

How about sign stealing Tom? When can we expect that to end? Well, the answer to that is simple. It will stop when everyone who does it that gets caught is fined and punished for it.


Police Report:

Police Report Thomas Harris (1) - Sign stealing Hollis