Since the Campaign for NH Governor Is in Full Stride...a Bit of a Poke - Granite Grok

Since the Campaign for NH Governor Is in Full Stride…a Bit of a Poke

Jack Kimball logo

Given the debate last night, this seems like such small potatoes as far as excitement, drama, and sheer entertainment are concerned. So, a bit of a diversion and letting the mind wander backward a couple of election cycles ago.

I started the rehab of Chez Murphy a couple of years ago as it has suffered from the benign neglect that concentrating on GraniteGrok has brought it. New roofs (house, garage), doors, windows, interior and exterior painting – I’m living the old Fram oil filter commercial: “you can pay me now or pay me later.” Trust me, later is much more expensive and all at once. However, in doing all this (just finished painting the interior trim of three new windows today), I’m also cleaning inside and out. And out back of the garage, much to my surprise, I found an old campaign sign:

Jack Kimball for Guv 1

Yeah, it was in the dirt and covered over with stuff. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why it was back there and not just in the loft over the garage. Anyways, spent a while cleaning it up. Why did I keep it?

The logo. IMHO, Best. Evah. Campaign Logo.

I just love it – a swooping eagle on the hunt. A bit of “angry with a purpose ’cause I’m tired of all the crap around me and somebody is going to pay for it!” look to it. Best political logo possible for a Liberty and Freedom kind of guy with that squint of “Really?” that this stylized American Eagle has above.

The hat, on the other hand, has been in my closet (didn’t need any cleaning) for just as long.

It’s interesting what kind of campaign swag one can accumulate here in NH; I’m glad I both kept and found both pieces. Maybe I should go to a Sununu rally wearing the hat?