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Landaff, New Hampshire Woman Arrested for COVID19 Violation

Hawaii Waikiki Oahu

A 34-year old New Hampshire woman from Landaff has been arrested by “Special Agents” and fined 2000.00 dollars. Her crime? Exiting her Waikiki Hotel before completing a two-week quarantine.

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A 34-year-old New Hampshire woman was arrested Tuesday morning for violating the state’s 14-day mandatory travel quarantine.

Natalie Pritchett Haley of Landaff, NH was arrested by Special Agents from the Attorney General’s Office Investigations Division.

Staff at a Waikiki hotel witnessed her leaving her room with her husband after arriving in Honolulu on Saturday. It was noted that her husband is in the military and lied on her behalf.


I think we’re well past peak-stupid at this point. Or is this a way to recoup lost tourist revenue?

So, you want a two-week vacation in Hawaii? You have to book for four weeks. Two trapped in the room at your luxury hotel (it’s okay they have cable), and two more when you can leave the hotel and visit the island(s).

A scam within a scam within a scam. Or, maybe it is a shadow of a penumbra of a scam.

And then you get arrested and fined another two grand.

Good times.