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Is That Manner of “Mask Wearing” Democrat Party Approved (Majority Leader Ley)?

Dem Majority Leader Doug Ley sans mandatory mask

For all of the yammering by the Democrat Party and its NH House leaders over the 50 or so Republican Representatives that went without masks in the “Freedom” section, you’d think that they would have thought about the blowback: glasshouses, throwing stones, and all that.

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In the famous line from the long-departed John Belushi:


They think their stuff don’t stink. Especially, NH House Democrat Majority Leader Douglas Ley caught here with the new and improved Democrat version of “wearing a cloth mask.”

So, why do they continue to say “Danger! Danger! Will Robinson!” (to go back even further in time) when seeing people with no masks?

If Doug Ley can wear it that way, not covering his mouth and nose, the Republican Reps without masks are just doing the same thing, right?

In fact, in comparison to Ley, they are ENVIRONMENTALISTS! Waste not, want not.

They decided to make the sacrifice to NOT waste energy and other precious resources on new-fangled neck warmers/ear pullers as part of their official garb of the day.

See – BETTER than the most esteemed Majority Leader who selfishly decided to wear something that did nothing that looked fabulous nice good silly rather stupid around his neck for no reason at all except to flaunt the Democrat created Rule of the House that masks were mandatory.

Like Sununu, it must be a Kinglet, eh Douglas Ley?

And while I’m at it….

What else do you do at a hockey rink besides watch guys fly around on two pieces of steel and throw each other into hard wooden boards?

Drink beer, of course? And no, NH House Speaker “Deputy Dawg” Steve Shurtleff, a hockey rink is not a “sacred chamber” unless you’re throwing stuff over the glass recognizing a successful hat trick.

No, just because you tried for “hat tricks for previously vetoed bills” doesn’t make it the same thing.

And next time, try telling your members (including the Republicans) that masks are mandatory if you go back to the rink:

Legislators in Violation of Mask Ordinance

Dick Hinch <>
Fri 9/18/2020 3:13 PM
To: ‘’ <>

President Dean,

Thank you for the University’s hospitality and the assistance by University staff over the course of our meetings this year. We are blessed to have been accommodated by the University and had this magnificent facility to meet in during these challenging times.

I learned today by reading the news that you have received correspondence from Speaker Shurtleff regarding the behavior of some legislators. I wanted to provide some clarification as it pertains to the mask ordinance.

As I’m sure you know, as the House Minority Leader, I had nothing to do with the session planning or sending out official instructions to House members. The Speaker’s Office had several opportunities to inform members and staff about the mask ordinance, but failed to do so. The Speaker owns this failure to properly communicate.

The session day logistics information sent out by the Speaker’s office did not mention to legislators that the town or the University had a mask mandate. It said only that masks would be provided at the point of entrance to the arena, not to bring your own for your walk over.

See pages marked 33 and 34 of the official House Calendar here:

Additionally, there appears to have been no separate communication that contained any notice. His letter to you failed to acknowledge these omissions of information regarding the mask ordinance.

The Speaker’s letter failed to explain that legislators have a constitutional right to be present at a House session, representing their constituents, and that his own policy was that he would accommodate those without a mask, and no one would be turned away.

His letter also did not point out the health screeners who were taking member’s temperatures and asking health and travel related questions outside of the arena, did not stop people without masks, supply masks to those that had none, or inform them of the mask ordinance.

I, too, take decorum very seriously and agree that the actions of a few do not represent the New Hampshire House of Representatives as a whole. However, I believe the Speaker should take responsibility and should have disclosed to you his total failure to inform House members and staff about the mask ordinance. He should have disclosed to you that his own policies may be in conflict with the University’s policies.

It is possible that had more detailed communication occurred, more of our visitors would have complied, especially when outside the arena, and you would have had advanced knowledge that he planned to accommodate non-mask-wearers.

I hope that through this clarification, any future event planning will include better information dissemination, and less deflection of responsibility.

Thank you, once again, for your service and assistance to the New Hampshire House.

Very Respectfully,
Rep. Richard “Dick” Hinch
House Republican Leader
New Hampshire House of Representatives