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Bureaucracy Is Your Enemy … We Can Fix That

Bureaucracy is your enemy

Our bureaucracies are unaccountable and unelected. They have come to view themselves as here before elected officials got here and staying when the elected officials leave.

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American voters need elected officials at all levels of government to start openly championing their interests. It is time for the bureaucracy to act for the voters. They have to stop accepting the legitimacy of the administrative state. It is time to start hacking the bureaucracy into pieces.

The chief way to do that is to starve these public enemies of public funds. When Congress does not produce a budget this is nearly impossible. But Trump’s “Executive Order on Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping” is genius. It yanks federal funds from all racist, sexist indoctrination sessions in federal workplaces. It also pulls them from all private organizations that have taken federal grants.

This tactic needs to be deployed everywhere possible: Against universities, against public school districts, against state education bureaucracies. It should deployment at the state level by conservative executives and legislatures as well. It should apply against every institution that participates in such programs. They are “… offensive and anti-American race and sex stereotyping and scapegoating,” as the order puts it.

Responsibility for education belongs to the local community.

Conservatives need to stop talking about school choice. It is time to start doing it full-blown at the state level. The lack of competition in K-12 education enables an ideological monopoly. Legislators need to give every single parent the power to control their children’s education dollars. Responsibility for education belongs at the local community level.

Why do we allow education bureaucrats to force kids to conform to leftist dogma to get it? Failing to take back control is allowing entrenched leftists to indoctrinate the children of their own voters. This is accelerating the destruction of their ideology and of our nation.

State-level Conservatives need to slash and burn their state education departments. State Education Departments function as enforcers for top-down leftist control of schools. They are an added and unnecessary layer of bureaucracy. They need to stop requiring teacher indoctrination in leftist dogma.

This is done through teacher certification mandates. Research has shown such certification does not improve teacher quality. Stop wasting time and money. What is important is educational outcomes for the children. Bureaucracy is your enemy.