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A Firearm a High Speed Camera and a See-Through Noise Suppressor

I’m not big on palate cleansers, but this was pretty darn cool. A high-speed camera and a see-through noise suppressor for a firearm. You can watch how the suppressors handle the gas exhaust from the barrel as the projectile exits the weapon. In other words, how they work.

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First, thanks to We are the Mighty for the link to the video and this,


When is weapon fired, a pocket of cool air and powder is suddenly ignited, creating a massive stream of extremely hot gases that propel the round from the barrel. This process also creates an audible explosion that can alert everyone in the area as to where the shot came from.

Suppressors work by channeling the explosive gases through channels, often cut into a series of chambers, in such a way that the gases escape over a longer period of time, mostly after they’ve already cooled and returned to normal volume.


Destin Sandlin is capturing video at extremely high speed, so the frame by frame motion is crystal clear and of exceptional quality.

The video’s full length is just over nine minutes and worth the time if you’d like to listen to the exposition around the demonstration.

I’ve cut the clip down here to save space and time, and to give you a taste. Keep it short, simple, and internet user friendly. If you want more, we’ve provided the link. So, here we go.