If the NH-GOP Ever Wants to Win Again … It Needs to Start by Admitting It Has Lost. - Granite Grok

If the NH-GOP Ever Wants to Win Again … It Needs to Start by Admitting It Has Lost.

I recently read an excellent article by Ned Ryun, which I think is “spot on” for the NH-GOP. Its premise:

… It’s time for a scrappy New Right to be built with an insurgency approach: we must accept that we are not in power, that we do not control the institutions, and that it’s time to go on the offensive. Our thinking, our strategy, and our investments must reflect that belief. 

Don’t believe we have lost? Then allow me to point to a few … I think Al Gore coined the phrase just after he invented the internet … inconvenient facts.

This from Pew indicates that most Americans still get their news from television:

I do not know if the breakdown in New Hampshire is similar, but being unable to find any State data (if you can find some, I would appreciate it if you would let me know), I am going to assume that it is.

Think about it. While the Grok is doing very, very well among New Hampshire websites (see here), that’s about the only area that the Left does not control.

The NH-Democrats … through WMUR … have total control over local, televised political news in New Hampshire. There is no local counterweight to WMUR, as Fox is to CNN and MSNBC. Same for radio and NHPR.

I’m going to assume social-media means twitter since the Grok’s Facebook page links to the website. No contest here. The NH-Democrats totally dominate #nhpolitics.

The Left controls “higher education.” Dartmouth and UNH function as farm-teams for the Democrats. The State education-bureaucracy for K-12 remains filled with Leftists … the legacy of Shaheen, Lynch and Hassan. The NH-Democrats control my local school-board (Manchester), and have for what seems forever.

The Left controls the State agencies. The Attorney General’s Office remains staffed by left-wing lawyers … the same lawyers who tanked the Claremont case, “advised” the Legislature that they were constitutionally required to discriminate against religious schools and refused to defend pre-HB1264 measures to prevent out-of-State residents from voting in New Hampshire. The Secretary of State’s Office is at this very moment pushing “early voting” … a dream-come-true for the NH-Democrats.

There is a veritable plague of out-of-State funded “grassroots groups” (that was sarcasm, people), each seemingly tasked with pushing a particular agenda item on the Left’s bucket-list and operating with … relatively speaking … limitless resources. They pack legislative hearings, and use social media adroitly.

Meanwhile, Josiah Bartlett (which really should be named Josiah Sununu) is busy churning out “position papers” that nobody reads, while the Koch organization drones on and on and on about low business tax rates being vital to preserving a so-called New Hampshire advantage that disappeared decades ago.

I could continue – contrast the NH-Democrat Party’s Churchillian “victory at all costs” approach with the NH-GOP’s better to lose gracefully, so that our lobbyist-friends can still get to lobby the Democrat victors approach … for example … or get into how our “Republican” Governor supports as many … if not more … Democrat policies and positions as GOP … but suffice it to say that it is time to take off the rose-colored glasses and admit that we … the Right … have LOST.

And that it is time for something different … radically different.

I don’t know … at this point … what exactly that something different looks like … or how in the world we get there. But I think a good starting point … if you are ready to take off the rose-colored glasses and admit that New Hampshire is a deep Blue State … that the NH-GOP is hapless, and a big part of the reason why New Hampshire is so Blue, and that those of us on the Right need to radically change the approach and become political insurrectionists … is to read Ned Ryun’s article.