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Democrats Getting Pissed: Trump Won’t Spend Our Money So They Can Steal the Election

Election 2020 Voting By Mail

The list of whos-who Democrats chiming in on vote-by-mail-fraud is growing. Even Barry-o-Bama has gotten in on that act. They are all steaming mad. Trump won’t spend a few billion more on the Postal Service to make vote-by-mail-fraud the disaster it is destined to be.

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And disaster is a kind word.

The US Postal Service may have legions of hard-working, dedicated employees who would never let their left-leaning partisan government union tendencies compromise an election, but then some would, might, and will.

Yes, we could pretend that would never happen, but anyone who has ever sent out a mailer a few days before an election in New Hampshire will tell you differently.

And while the postal service is not always slow, inefficient, and remarkably disorganized, dumping millions of pieces of mail into that system would overwhelm it no matter how much money you pushed into the hole.

A hole that loses 6 to 8 billion every year now. Adding more money isn’t the solution to the problem of the US Postal Service without vote-by-mail-fraud if it is not the solution without it.

But this confluence of left-wing love affairs is too much for Democrats to resist. Add billions in new debt dumped on a bloated incompetent federal agency tasked with (potentially) helping them steal elections all across the country. The very thought it gets them all wound up if you take my meaning.

It would be a crime against their criminal enterprise not to say something, so they all have an opinion, and it is this. Vote-by-mail-fraud is happening, and you damn well better pay for it.

If you do, the 8-12 week delay in the results will be an excuse to steal more races. If you don’t, the 8-12 week delay will be entirely your fault, and they’ll still steal elections.

Either way, you lose, so you might as well pony up the dough.

And short of a mathematical in-person voting landslide for Trump, it’ll be hanging chads (minus the chads) from here to eternity or until Democrats win. But if the in-person numbers prove an indisputable Trump win on election night (x number of registered voters and y number of votes for Trump), everyone living in a liberal city better have fire insurance and left town after voting in person.

Those riots will make the last few months look like amateur hour.