Are you a Marxist/Anarchist/Islamist bent on ending America? - Granite Grok

Are you a Marxist/Anarchist/Islamist bent on ending America?

There Are no Neutrals Here

America has always been accepting of the fact that we are made of many. Our motto is “E pluribus unum,” from many one. There was a reason that was important enough to put on our currency. But, we aren’t reading our history.

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Since the nation’s founding Americans have won on the world stage. We have done so because we are free, tolerant capitalists. Americans have been the shrewdest and most generous players in the game. We are by custom and history self-reliant. Americans are willing to shape events, to work to control the processes of trade.

As a people, we historically display fierce ambition, political acumen, and emotional strength. We hate war but fight fiercely when we must.

What separates America from her fellow nations is her inclusiveness. America has profound self-confidence. This allows her people to incorporate all people in her freedom and opportunity.

The challenges of disparate origins, races, colors, or creeds we face as a challenge, not a threat. Americans understand it is the acceptance by all, our tolerance, which binds us together. It is from the process, of bringing people together, that America has become stronger. But make no mistake in America today there are no neutrals here.

Strength comes from unity not division

In becoming Americans immigrants give up our disparate identities. We are Americans first. Immigrants bind together to make our America more than the sum of her parts. America’s opportunity, our tolerance, and freedom we hold out as the source of our commonality. It is foundational. We have an acute understanding of the sources of our power and strength.

We have been a tough-minded people. Our qualities of decency, morality, kindness, sensitivity, compassion, honesty, and empathy are resources. We function at a high level even on our darkest day. Our self-awareness has been a source of strength. Our even tempered approach has fed our creativity and achievement.

America has a history of retaining our unflagging faith in our nation’s cause. That cause is embodied in the founding documents. The Declaration of Independence enumerates the goals we aspire to. It told King George why we could no longer remain his subjects.

The U.S. Constitution explains how our federal republic works. It has checks and balances. It is not a parliamentary system for a reason. The Federalist papers explain what the framer’s reasoning, for and against the constitution, was.

America is not a utopia. It was, at the founding and it continues today to be a work in progress. Today we may be facing our darkest hour yet. We are under attack from enemies within. The future has not seemed this dark or uncertain since the Civil War.

There are no neutrals here today. Each American needs to decide: Are you a Marxist/Anarchist/Islamist bent on ending America? Or are you in favor of tolerance, self-reliance, the rule of law, freedom, love of life, and protection of property? Which side are you on?