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A True COVID19 Story – It’s Not That Contagious or The Testing is a Lie (Possibly Both)

Covid lockdown political hoax

A friend of mine had a severe medical event that required immediate hospitalization during the peak of lockdown in New Hampshire. After admission to the hospital for his condition, he was tested for COVID19. Everyone gets tested. He was tested twice, and his results were positive, but that’s not what is so remarkable.

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Before the circumstances that lead to his admission to a hospital, he had been leading a relatively normal home life—close contact with the wife and kids. Eating together, sharing close quarters, the things families and married folks do.

After he tested positive, the family was tested for COVID19 as well.

Not a single one of them had it. None. Zero.

This revelation has lead them, not exactly what you’d call a ‘right-wing’ family, to question everything they’d been lead to believe by the media and politicians.

How could they not have it?

If it is as contagious as advertised, it is impossible for them not to have had it, yet no one tested positive for infection or antibodies.

What does it mean?

Well, either the disease is nothing like they’ve been told or the person who tested positive never had it. Possibly both.