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We Were Right About This “republican” Too – John Kasich to Speak at the Democrat National Convention

John Kasich

The Hill.com reports that former Ohio Governor John Kasich (r) will be taking his “son of a mailman schtick” to the Democrat Party’s Nominating Convention. He is expected to throw some support behind the presumptive Nominee, Joe Biden.


Kasich’s expected speech on Biden’s behalf could also give the former vice president a boost in Ohio, a longtime swing state that has increasingly moved in Republicans’ favor in recent years. During his 2016 presidential bid, Ohio was the only state Kasich won.

In the primary, Kasich scooped up 46.95% of the Ohio vote while Mr. Trump captured 35.87%. Sen Ted Cruz was third with 13.31%

In the 2016 General election, Ohio gave Trump 52.1 percent of the vote to Hillary’s 43.5% and Hillary, who (I can’t believe I’m saying this) was a better candidate than Biden. Biden is a disaster, but we don’t know who the VP will be, so that’s a factor. I’m thinking Sen. Kamala Harris, but that’s just a guess. Oh, maybe, John Kasich?

Why not. He’s a heck of a guy, his father was a mailman, and he can complete sentences without notes. Everything Biden needs except that he is not a woman or a person of some color other than caucasian, which hs Asian in it, which is why Asians are not people of color (that’s from the crazy 1619 Project lady, not me).

My point.

A Republican primary candidate for the Presidency in 2016 is speaking in support of the Democrat nominee for the Democrat party four years later. Sour grapes? Rinosauraus? He’s got TDS and some sort of lifeline to the ruling class establishment. I mean, his dad was a postman.

Whatever the dealio, another RINO identified early on by GraniteGrok has gone all the way over to the dark side- aiding and abetting the enemy – so we’ll take that trophy to go with the one for Jen Horn.

And if Biden manages to win and lives long enough to do anything in office – which we doubt – there will probably be some pleasant appointment waiting for Kasich. Biden’s Minister of Hair Replacement. Ambassador to Burkina Faso. Wait, Postmaster General!