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The Best President We Never Had
Herman Cain Dies Age 74

A legendary Conservative. The man who could have been our First BLACK President. A TEA Party Icon, Magnificent orator, True believer in limited government, a Citizen who was brought up by his parents to work hard and to EARN his place in the world, a Family Man who is survived by his wife, Gloria, two children, and four grandchildren.

He has a dedicated staff who have been with him so long that they can practically read his mind – if you read his social media feeds over the past few weeks you would never have known he was offline unless you spotted the small notes referring to the health of “The Boss.” That’s dedication born of his incredible personality and leadership skills.

Herman received one of Grok’s very rare endorsements, and several of us counted him as a friend. I was privileged to have met his family and to have attended his blowout presidential announcement in Atlanta. For me, Herman will always be remembered for the strength of his character, and for one indelible catchphrase: After referring to the Declaration of Independence and our right to alter or abolish forms of government which become destructive of our freedoms, he declared “We’ve got a lot of Alterin’ and Abolishin’ to do!”

Rest in peace, Herman – you’ve earned your place with The Lord, and may God bless your family and staff.

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Herman’s radio career was mostly on WSB Atlanta, with frequent appearances on WSB-TV2. Here, his home TV station remembers him fondly