HB712 is not as "bi-partisan" as Democrat Dan Feltes Would Have you Believe. - Granite Grok

HB712 is not as “bi-partisan” as Democrat Dan Feltes Would Have you Believe.

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HB712 is the Paid Family Medical Leave Act that is a Democrat agenda item. Another camel’s nose under the “Let’s Enlarge Government AGAIN!” tent. I’m glad to see that Gov. Sununu vetoed it. But this caught my eye in the Union Leader piece about it on Friday.

ICYMI: If this happens, the teachers’ unions will only have themselves to blame

Smarmy Democrat Senate Majority LeaderDan Feltes (D) who is working to replace him in the corner office said,

“Instead of working with the bipartisan group of sponsors, Governor Sununu chose to simply veto paid family and medical leave once again, this time in advance of a second wave of COVID-19 and putting the lives of workers at risk. More than ever, no one should be forced to risk their family’s economic security to take care of a loved one, take care of oneself, or be there for a new baby,” Feltes said in a statement.

Sure thing, Dan.

My word of advice is that the next time you shoot off your mouth about “bipartisanship”, you ought to do your homework first. I did. It wasn’t very hard to make you look like a dunce pushing out a word salad.

Operative word?  Bipartisanship.

It is a word that most Conservatives fear because it generally means that Republicans have, yet again, given up ground on their principles. Here are the sponsors:

  • D Rep. Wallner, Merr. 10;
  • D Rep. Martin, Hills. 23;
  • R Rep. Fothergill, Coos 1;
  • D Rep. K. Murray, Rock. 24;
  • D Rep. Altschiller, Rock. 19;
  • D Rep. McBeath, Rock. 26;
  • D Rep. Wazir, Merr. 17;
  • R Rep. McMahon, Rock. 7;
  • D Rep. Luneau, Merr. 10;
  • D Rep. Le, Rock. 31;
  • D Rep. Loughman, Rock. 21;
  • D Sen. Fuller Clark, Dist 21;
  • D Sen. Rosenwald, Dist 13

Thirteen sponsors – only two are Republican (16%); I wouldn’t call tit all that “bipartisan”.  But here’s the problem for Feltes:

  • Fothergill is basically a “seat holder” – he hardly ever votes! When I looked up his record, it’s filled with “Not Voting – Not Excused.” This is the kind of Legislator that should be replaced forthwith for dereliction of responsibility (er, just show up, eh?). What’s more, he didn’t vote for the bill he sponsored (he didn’t vote at all – a no-show)!
  • Charlie McMahon is RINO from Windham – And if he gets upset over being called a RINO, I don’t care – I’ve called him that to his face. HOWEVER! In this case, even while being a sponsor, he voted against the bill. Good for the vote but what was he thinking when he agreed to be a sponsor?   Hey, Windham GOP, methinks you’ve got some soul searching to do!

Glad to see that you are trying to redefine “bipartisanship” to mean “only Democrats voted for this“.

I’d love to hear his spin on that – but I’m doubtful I’ll hear back. But he’s welcome to do an Op-Ed for GraniteGrok defending his views.

I’m betting he won’t. But there it is, just laying on the table. Got the courage to do one, Dan?