Gov Sununu - "It is imperative that folks attending the (Trump) rally wear masks" - Granite Grok

Gov Sununu – “It is imperative that folks attending the (Trump) rally wear masks”

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The “rising cases” bugbear has replaced its predecessors (overburdened Hospitals, ICUs, etc.) as the new focal point for fearmongering the SARS CoV2. A factor easily adjusted by merely testing more or less, defined by who is President not pressing health concerns. So, with Trump on his way to NH, guess what?

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The outdoor rally at Pease International Airport will include masks and hand sanitizers provided by Team Trump. Still, Gov Sununu wants everyone to know: “It is imperative that folks attending the rally wear masks.”

Really? Is it? No, it’s not.

We posted numerous studies and commentary that suggest masks are a waste of time, especially outdoors, but let’s pretend those don’t exist. Having or having had COVID19 means nothing to almost everyone who gets it. Those who are in the high-risk group are 60-90 years old and comorbid. And here in NH, that fact could not be more obvious.

Over more than three months of government-induced terror, only 5,914 people in the Granite State officially got COVID19. That’s 0.43% of the state’s 2019 population. That’s everyone who has had it over three-plus months, despite rally’s, protests, and hundreds if not thousands of people refusing to buy into the madness.

Only 574 of those folks were hospitalized since the panic began. That’s 0.042 of the state’s population.

There are only 25 people in the entire state, in the hospital with COVID today. That’s 0.0018% of the state population. 

You are more likely to die from an opioid overdose or any number of other causes of which the current coronavirus is a statistical blip.

So, here’s my advice. It will sound familiar. If you are at high risk, assume that risk or take precautions. If you are in frequent or close contact with people at high risk at home or work, you should take precautions. Those may include not going to an outdoor Trump Rally. It’s okay; you can watch it live online.

Everyone else, take the free mask with a smile, dry your skin out with hand sanitizer at your discretion, and enjoy yourselves.

Finally, for that rare occasion, when testing positive might actually mean more than creating a number the press and politicians can scare you into submission with, Hydroxychloroquine and zinc are cheap, readily available. They have been proven to significantly improve outcomes in people who show serious symptoms if and when their doctors feel it is suitable. A fact we’ve been reporting for more than three months supported by numerous studies and reporting from physicians all over the planet.

But ignore all that. Live in fear. It’s precisely what the control freaks in government want.

Or choose self-responsibility and individual liberty.

It has always been your choice.