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FB Doodlings – Treehugger wants to make the Dodge Durango Hellcat illegal

Dodge Durango Hellcat

Which is par for the course as Lloyd hates all “fossil fuel” cars and barely tolerates electric ones. Being a “sustainability” professor, he does believe in stuffing us all into “cities” with “walkable” neighborhoods where you would work, shop, and play. Gotta move around? Walk it or bike it – or Public transportation. Small apartments – you don’t need big ones. And he’s really a big city snob. IF you happen to have a car, only 20 MPH for you! So this was to be expected – NO ONE needs this (note the Progressive “tell”; emphasis mine, reformatted):

Should the Dodge Durango Hellcat Be Legal?

…If cars were invented now, there’s no way they would be legal. License a technology that kills 1700 people a year in this country directly, and somewhere between 28,000 and 36,000 a year through the pollution it causes, as well as being the single biggest contributor to climate change? You must be mad.

Now as Exhibit A in this madness, North American-style, we present the 2021 Durango SRT Hellcat – an SUV designed for “muscle car people with families.” As Alisa Priddle of Motor Trends notes, “That’s one helluva family vehicle, and it all but eliminates any excuse its owners have for being late to soccer practice.” It does 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds, and the 6.2-liter V8 engine delivers 710 horsepower, pushing it to a top speed of 180 miles per hour. The global head of passenger cars at Chrysler says “the 710-horsepower Hellcat is the most powerful SUV ever.” There’s no way it should be legal (in 2022 it won’t be because of fuel efficiency rule changes).

This, in a time when the streets have been empty and the air has been clean, and we could imagine a world without giant SUVs, and we get this thing.

That’s pretty much sums up the attitude of these eco-Socialists in ALL parts of your life. They’ve actually glorified that the economy got tanked, people were trapped in their homes, and life was strictly regulated because GAIA! And now they are seeing that we Normal people are going all Irish Democracy, no longer listening to Government that hasn’t recognized that they’re losing “the consent of the governed” and just want to get back to normalcy.

Which includes cars and a subset of us who truly like such cars. Yeah, that isn’t going over well over at Treehugger. The “car guys” are coming out on in force on one and the regular denizens at TH are getting all hot and bothered about it and are showing up in force and really starting to push back on the nonsense like this part of it (reformatted, emphasis mine):

Enough already. It’s Time for European-style Regulation in North America
If the manufacturers are going to make this stuff and people are going buy it, then maybe it’s time that there was some regulation that would protect everyone else. Of course, there are vehicles with speed limiters in the USA: e-scooters and e-bikes are tightly regulated, shutting off the motors at speeds between 15 mph and 20 mph, depending on the state or municipality. Nobody seems to have much of an issue with them being regulated. So why not cars? In much of Europe, “Intelligent Speed Assistance,” or governors, along with new “black box” technology will be standard equipment in 2022.

Imagine sitting on top of 710 horsepower in your Dodge Hellcat and having your car on a wide, empty American road going the speed limit.

The sarcasm literally drips from the pixels in front of you. Implied in that last sentence is “ONLY” in front of “going the speed limit”. And here’s the Big Brother part that simply makes their eyes shine:

Imagine this new black box that broadcasts your driving habits; as one British critic noted, “In fact, it’s this ‘spy on board’ which may ultimately have a bigger impact on driver behavior than any kind of speed limiter. It’s easy to get away with reckless driving when there’s only a handful of traffic cops around to stop you. Much harder when there’s a spy in the cab recording your every move.”

I have been looking at replacing the 2005 Saab started to look at the Volvo line. I IMMEDIATELY stopped as they were BOASTING “this will make our cars SAFER!” – yep, Volvo the Nag. Dropped like a whole fridge of steaks (which TH doesn’t like either and wants to regulate your eating habits “to be healthier”).  DO YOU WANT YOUR CAR REPORTING YOUR EVERY SHIFT TO THE POLICE?????

I understand that driving is not a Right but merely a privilege – but privacy IS a Right and is explicitly called out in our State’s Constitution:

[Art.] 2-b. [Right of Privacy.] An individual’s right to live free from governmental intrusion in private or personal information is natural, essential, and inherent.
December 5, 2018

So thankfully, we still have the vestiges of Citizenship here versus the legacy of being subjects in Europe (and more conditioned to be such after thousands of years); I left this:

You know, I’m getting rather tired of being told I have to be more European. If I wanted to think like a European, eat like a European, behave like a European, and live like a European, I’d move to Europe.

I’ll go there – if you want to be more European, just MOVE. Leave the rest of us alone. Be with those that think, eat, behave, and live with your cultural kin.

Stop the hectoring and stop trying to “evolve” those of us who disagree.

And I’ll take two [Hellcats], please!

I know, I know – TMEW won’t let me get even one.

She hates station wagons.

Oh, this didn’t go over well, either:

Christian from Treehugger Mod
Can we just please bring back the Big Wheel?

Only if I can drop a small block V8 in it….

As Tool Time Tim used to say “MORE POWER!”.

Who knows when you might need all that gittyup and go when Lloyd takes a run at your Hellcat keys…