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The Right Could Lose a New Civil War

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It is a common belief on the right side of the political spectrum to believe that “The Right” would easily win if a Civil War against “The Left” if it started. The theories are simple. “We have all the guns.” “We would just say rude things and the snowflakes would go cry in a safe space.”

“We have the military and police.” These popular simple theories are worse than wrong, they are dangerously deluded.

  • The Left already has much of what they would need to win.
  • The media broadcasts propaganda to embolden the left and demoralize the right.
  • The Left regularly mobilizes large number of people in marches and demonstrations.
  • They have people willing to break the law and will hide or excuse illegal acts if committed.
  • They have a trained and professional leadership.
  • The Left has secure communications and supply lines.
  • The Left is convinced of their moral aims and they are willing to sacrifice for those aims.

The riots in Minnesota demonstrate both the errors of The Right and the strength of The Left.

When a video of a black man dying under the knee of a policeman in Minnesota came to the attention of people in the media, those people were horrified and began disseminating it unceasingly. The commentary of those people in media reinforced the narrative where people of color were being murdered by police officers frequently.

People all over the country saw the video and were horrified by the video and the message that it is frequent. Community organizers and activists with training from entities like The Midwest Academy saw the opportunity and began setting up demonstrations.

At the same time, using their “diversity of tactics” doctrine, Direct Action elements with training from entities like The Ruckus Society began arriving in the area. Meeting locations for protests were disseminated by organizers through social media and by using affiliated organizations.

Unicorn Riot, a left-wing volunteer intelligence and propaganda organization, that tries to ensure their live streams do not record faces of the people committing crimes, spread video of the resulting destruction and framed the narrative in terms flattering to Cultural Marxists.

By propagating rioter-friendly narratives in real-time, they were able to influence friendly people in more mainstream media to further share those narratives. With the world watching through a left-wing dominated media space, the politicians provided very restrictive rules for engagement.

Felony arson could not be stopped on the second night of rioting. A rioter was shot and the person defending his property arrested. The property he defended was later burned. After that success, on the third night, direct action advocates walked past the barriers with their hands in the air in sufficient numbers that the police had to retreat as their lines of defense dissolved. With trained unarmed protestors acting as human shields for the direct-action trained rioters who were breaking into the police precinct, the police, with all of their weapons and authority, were outmaneuvered and had to retreat. The police precinct was burned, probably after the weapons and supplies left behind were captured.

I am sure that some of those on the right will claim that the protestors didn’t fight fairly, or that the police showed excessive restraint. But that is as incorrect as a British citizen in 1776 complaining about how the colonials fought dishonorably and that the whole affair could be put to rest if the mighty British army was truly unleashed. The tactics have changed, the left has its militia, arms, supplies, officer corps, and its printing presses. We, on the modern right, must make sure that we are not smugly sipping tea certain of our own victory.

So, what do we do?

The first step is to understand that this isn’t funny or a game. Be sober-minded, serious, and honest. The Left is not filled with delicate snowflakes. It is a culture where extreme dedication to their worldview is expected. We will not be saved by our individual rifles; the police can be paralyzed. The media would see that any rioter killed by individuals or police would be made into a propaganda victory and their death punished.

The second step is to develop training organizations on The Right, to help us understand and experiment with power. We need to understand why we win elections but often don’t get the results we want. We need to understand how political pressure organizations function and how power operates. With that practical knowledge and experience, we may be able to avoid the worst outcome: A civil war we would lose decisively.

by Anonymous

Note: Many of these ideas were developed based on writings by David Hines