OK, now we have the last RSA 91-A Right To Know demand of the day - Same Day Voter Registration - Granite Grok

OK, now we have the last RSA 91-A Right To Know demand of the day – Same Day Voter Registration

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I keep wondering why our little hamlet keeps getting larger then I think same-day registrations. So, I just delivered yet another RSA 91-A RTK to my Town Clerk/Town Tax Collector:


June 25, 2020

Danielle LaFond
Town Clerk-tax Collector
47 Cherry Valley Road
Gilford, NH 03249

Good morning, Danielle!

Please consider this a formal RSA-91 Right to Know Demand.

Before the Wu Flu pandemic hit, you and I had talked about obtaining information on Same Day registrations on the last two elections held in Gilford:

    • Town elections on 3/10/2020
    • Presidential Primary election on 2/11/2020

You have previously indicated that there was a handful or so for the former, ten times that amount (give or take) for the latter. We also started to talk about my acquiring those registrations and then the Town Clerk/Town Collector’s office was shut down. Given the events of the last few months, I believed the best way forward was to wait for the office to open up and not force the issue as RSA 91-A has no “emergency” clause written into its legislation.

However, now your office is open and I am looking forward to that information, preferable in softcopy (e.g., electronically in some kind of computerized file).

For each of the two elections, I am looking for “responsive records” for the following:

    • Name of the person registering
    • Type of ID presented to authenticate who they are
    • If the ID is a driver’s license, was it a NH one and what address was on it?
    • Complete address for voting purposes
    • Party of registration
    • Any other information that is public information.

To the last part – if information is being withheld from this demand, please list the categories (such as but not limited to: eye color, height, weight, length of residency, age and any other information that is collected at the time of voter registration).

I appreciate your assistance in this matter!

Kindest regards

My plan is to go back and see if the addresses are valid and if the person signing up is still at that address. If not, was it because it was invalid or have they already left?

To Be Continued…