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Notable Quote – George Will, Prof. Don Boudreaux

Can a federal government that acknowledges no limits to its scope, and that responds promiscuously to the multiplying appetites of proliferating factions, make choices that serve the society’s long-term interests? The answer, based on the avalanche of evidence from current governance, is an emphatic “no.” The evidence is in the rise of the administrative state and the fall of fiscal responsibility.

-George Will (The Conservative Sensibility)


George Will is correct to describe the volume of this evidence as an “avalanche.” It is overwhelming. It is long in the making. It is undeniable to anyone not completely blinded by ideological bias.

And yet “Progressives” on the left and “national conservatives” on the right – mainstream intellectuals from Joseph Stiglitz to Oren Cass, and mainstream politicians from Elizabeth Warren to Marco Rubio – utterly ignore this reality. Each arrogantly offers up pet proposals to give to the national government yet more coin and power to mold society and the economy into the ideal forms fashioned in his or her head. These social engineers not only ignore the astonishing complexity of social and economic reality, they are all completely credulous about state power. Because they can imagine this power working the miracles that they wish to be worked, they conclude that we should all be willing to give this power a try. Never mind the historical record. This time it’ll work!

-Prof. Don Boudreaux

They can never seem to be content to just leave the rest of us alone. In this, they are no different and just as dispicable as the King we left behind 244 years ago. We fought that war so as to keep government limited and Individual Rights (and determination) primary. The above is the absolute opposite of that.

But that makes those above names, plus Bernie Sanders and his bros (like L’il Andru Volinsky, and to a lesser degree (but only slightly) Dan Feltes happy. But notice that Boudreaux also mentions Republicans. Every Republican that is now “managing” their State economy, instead of leaving it to the actual consumers that lead what producers produce, are not much different.

Both sets believe they know better than we who make up the economy even if they have surrounded themselves with “experts” and other political appointees.

Just let us run our own lives – many of us prefer dangerous Freedom of safe slavery any day (and if you are telling us in no small detail how we can run our lives, well….we’re not Free, are we? Start with “Essential” and “not Essential” and tell me about your version of “Freedom”).

(H/T: Cafe Hayek)