New addition to the ‘Grok “Stealing Campaign Signs” Hall of Shame: Jim Babcock of Gilford Part 4 - Granite Grok

New addition to the ‘Grok “Stealing Campaign Signs” Hall of Shame: Jim Babcock of Gilford Part 4

Jim Babcock

So, to recap (again):

  • Norm Silber (Grokster, retired Lawyer, former NH State Rep) signed up to run for the NH House again
  • He planted a campaign sign on the corner of Salt Marsh Pond Road and Gilford Ave on public land
  • Jim Babcock was seen stopping his pickup truck to throw Norm’s sign into his truck – and his license plate was captured.
  • That was turned into the Gilford Police.
  • Jim Babcock confessed, returned the sign, and tried to give a “sorry, not sorry” apology
  • Norm had written a document and sent it to NH Attorney General MacDonald’s office

So, time for playing catch up. Shortly after putting up Part 3 in this series (here), Norm caught me up on the Gilford PD side of things. My understanding of the case so far is that the GPD officer assigned to the case has had contact with Babcock. Norm’s sign was turned into the GPD where it is being held as evidence.  The witness to the sign theft was contacted and asked that he come to the police department to provide a written statement. Once they have his statement, the GPD will be applying for an arrest warrant for the crime of Theft By Unauthorized Taking.  Once approved, the office will coordinate with the suspect to turn himself in at the GPD.

Norm has asked to be kept in the loop and to be notified of any court proceedings so he can attend.

Well, I’ve been watching the Arrest Log for the Gilford Police as I thought this was going to happen almost immediately. Well, not so much. While it seems that the Logs are kept pretty much up to date on a weekly basis, all of a sudden, the updates stopped. For two weeks, the “latest” update was for that of the week of May 25-31. Every other day, nothing new for two weeks.

Until today – the June 1-7 and June 8-14 Logs popped up so, I obviously went through them both – nada. I called Norm and it turned out that he was not contacted until last night by the GPD officer.  NOW, the process will restart. He will be arrested and processed.

I also asked Norm about his contacting MacDonald’s office. Good thing – it reminded him that he hadn’t heard back and he’ll be contacting them again.