New addition to the ‘Grok “Stealing Campaign Signs” Hall of Shame: Jim Babcock of Gilford Part 3 - Granite Grok

New addition to the ‘Grok “Stealing Campaign Signs” Hall of Shame: Jim Babcock of Gilford Part 3

Jim Babcock

Recap: Jim Babcock of Gilford stole Grokster Norm Silber’s 2020 NH House campaign sign (corner of Gilford Ave and Salt Marsh Pond road). His license plate was captured and turned into the Gilford Police department. Jim Babcock confessed and retrieved the sign from the woods where he had thrown it. He then tried to use his son’s death (of 15 years ago) and that he ran the Francoeur / Babcock basketball tourney as mitigating items in his “apology”. The consequence to his active decision to steal the sign is that Norm contacted the NH Attorney General MacDonald asking that the case be prosecuted (after all, Norm is a semi-retired lawyer who served on the Election Law Committee in the NH House).

And now the next step:

From: Norman J Silber <>
Sent: Friday, June 5, 2020 11:27
To: Anthony Bean Burpee <>
Subject: RE: Formal Complaint
Dear Chief:

As a brief follow-up on the stolen campaign sign incident.

The investigating GPD officer to whom you referred the matter (whose name I unfortunately did not retain) advised me that he had contacted the driver of the vehicle I reported and that person, James M. Babcock of 41 Haywagon Road, Gilford, admitted that he had stolen the sign and threw it in “the woods.” He told the officer that he would bring the sign to the GPD since the officer told me he wanted it for evidence.

When asked by that officer, I definitely said that I wanted that perp charged, and he said that he would charge him with a misdemeanor, which is probably appropriate based on the value of the stolen sign and steel wire frame.

I want to make sure that this matter is pursued, with charges brought against the perp.

I have been told by several people who seem to know him and/or who have had contact with him in the past that the perp is well known for being irascible and often ignores the law, more specifically the Gilford leash law when walking his dog.  It may not seem like a big deal but under the Broken Windows Theory, even small crimes if not punished will often lead to worse crimes.

I greatly appreciate what GPD was already done for me in this matter, and I would further appreciate (a) being given the investigating officer’s name; and (b) being kept advised of the status of the misdemeanor proceedings against Babcock.

Finally, as a matter that may be of interest to your and your officer, Babcock showed up at my home in the early morning of June 4 and tried to offer his apologies.  His so-called apology was, in my view, not sincere and it appeared to me that the only thing he was truly sorry about was that he got caught.

Thanks again for your help and that of your officer.



Norm Silber
Candidate for the NH House of Representatives
Belknap County District 2- Gilford & Meredith
243 Mountain Drive
Gilford, New Hampshire 03249-6764
Tel 603-293-0565
Cell 305-803-5400
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“Live free or die: Death is not the worst of evils.”
General John Stark, hero of the American Revolutionary War

Thus far, I have concentrated on the THEFT of the sign – an article of Norm’s Private Property.  What is actually worse than the theft of Property is the theft of Norm’s VOICE.

While I already commented on this in my earlier post, it needs more emphasis. By stealing his sign, Jim Babcock was SILENCING Norm’s Voice. He stole Norm’s Constitutional Right to Free Speech; Norm’s attempt to tell the Gilford electorate that he was a candidate for the NH Legislature was CANCELED (to use a word that has come into Political parlance lately (as in Cancel Movement)). How else would voters know that he was running? How else would they be able to determine “oh, how does he match up against someone else that I might vote for instead”? That they should look into his stances in order to determine if he matches up with their own beliefs?

Jim Babcock wanted to insure that Norm Silber became a non-entity – erased from any consideration by others. Stealing a sign says “YOU SHOULD NOT EXIST” – something that is becoming more and more prominent with Progressives. They just don’t THINK that, they ACT that way in that anyone who DOESN’T totally share in their Progressive believes is not worthy of consideration.

Free Speech in this area, according to Jim Babcock, is violence (re: ANTIFA) and any means justifies the end. At least, this far.  Free Speech is one of the major pillars of our Republic and as a former educator, Babcock knows this (well, I assume he does – it’s no longer clear that Govt Schools teach that anymore). Remove Free Speech from our Republic’s “equation”, what do you get?

Well, nowadays, what you have been seeing the last few days on TV (at least in part).

To Be Continued…