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Blogline of the Day – Governor Sununu: Antifa over Church


Emphasis mine:

…Sununu is not the only governor who is keeping his state locked down while supporting Black Lives Matter and Antifa rallies that blatantly violate bans on large group gatherings.

…If that’s all a little confusing to you, then I’m glad I’m not the only one bemused here. These governors seem to be saying that the virus is so dangerous that they must shut down our normal way of life, and suspend constitutional rights . . . except if you’re a member of a radical left-wing anti-cop group, or a domestic terror organization like Antifa.

One wonders how the virus knows to infect the small-business owner wanting to reopen but not the black-clad anarchist burning down said small business.

Sununu and other governors aren’t enforcing their stay-at-home orders equally. To the contrary: They’re willing to prevent you from going to church but not willing to prevent Antifa from burning down churches.

This from National Review which has gone to no little lean to being Never Trumpish but it is correct here. Governor Baby Huey has made it quite clear that any protesting of his lockdown policies are fringe people even as ReOpenNH and its supporters are arguing from Constitutional text. He has shaken the dust off his sandals in their direction. But, he’s holding up the current Antifa / BLM destructive rampages as being “laudable”.

Smearing ordinary peaceful people who only want to work but praising those involved in the nationwide riots?  Good time, good show, old bean!

Hey, Chris – protest is protest. Free Speech and Freedom of Association do NOT depend on what is being protested, especially when you are Governor. Or is that written in invisible ink in both Constitutions to the contrary that we peons are unable to discern? That only MIT grads and offspring of mighty Political Families (there’s a reason why people sometimes call out “the Five Families of the NH GOP”) can read it?

Sorry, you’d be wrong. Just as there is no Wu Flu exception to the Constitutions, there is no additional “depend on what the purpose of the protest is”  clause. YOUR job is not to decide which kind of protest is better than another – it IS your job to ensure that all peaceful protests are allowed to happen. Period.

It’s ALSO your Responsibility to make sure that ALL Constitutional values are “cherish” and obeyed. In this, you haven’t – you have failed. My remedy is to go have a chat with SD Governor Noem. She didn’t graduate from MIT but I’m quite sure she’d school you well.

So part of your legacy will be in the memories of NH citizens whose businesses, incomes, and health have been destroyed by your lockdown policies just as surely as Antifa did the same.