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Where is (Grafton Dist. 12) NH House Rep – Garrett Muscatel? Home – In California!

Garrett Muscatel NH House

It’s a good thing the NH House is self quarantined from the statehouse because Grafton Dist 12 Democrat Garrett Muscatel is missing in action. Well, not missing so much as not residing at his “home address.” The one from which he ran for office in New Hampshire. That would be his ‘Dorm’ at Dartmouth.

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But wait, I can hear you saying. No one is at Dartmouth College. All the students have been sent…home. So, how could Garrett’s home be his temporary lodging in Dartmouth if…


The address listed on his NH House web page is 12 Mass Row, Hanover. That’s on-campus housing at Dartmouth. A place you can’t live at or call home when they kick you off-campus. Coronavirus forced everyone to return home. That place they actually live. The legal address for the absentee ballot you fill out and mail back from 12 Mass Row, Hanover New Hampshire.

So, where’s home for Garrett? Surely an elected NH state Rep has a home in New Hampshire when he is not residing at Dartmouth. He is, after all, still “representing taxpayers in Hanover.


Thousand Oaks, California! (That’s 292 miles south of Stanford if you care (368 miles by car). You could fit NH in there with lots of room to spare.)

Garrett Muscatel

That might explain why he was so fearful of gun violence when Sununu vetoed anti-gun bills in a state with Constitutional Carry and one of the lowest violent crime rates in the nation. This is, after all, a much bigger problem in California than in New Hampshire. He was just projecting.

Too bad he couldn’t project his votes back in a similar way.

Maybe Stanford Law will teach him about absentee voting. He seems incapable of understanding the concept when he was in New Hampshire, where people are allowed to vote in other states via absentee ballot just by asking their home town for a ballot.

That could come in useful if the NH House goes back in session, and he needs to “vote” for the people of Grafton District 12 in Hanover from Thousand Oaks, California.

Not to worry. You’ve got a backup. Riley Gordon (New York City) is running to represent Dartmouth College, sorry, Hanover, and he doesn’t live here either. Perfect!

And Garrett may gone but he is not forgotten. He is still listed on the NH State House Roster as living at 12 Mass Row (on the closed Dartmouth Campus in Hanover, NH) until Jan of 2021, when his term as a NH State Rep. ends.