Time for Bolduc, Mayberry, Messner and Mowers to Pick a Side. - Granite Grok

Time for Bolduc, Mayberry, Messner and Mowers to Pick a Side.

Unless something changes drastically between now and Election Day, I plan on skipping right past the Governor’s race when I vote. If you have read my posts, you already know why … Sununu’s COVID policy.

In brief, as I posted a little while ago, COVID … per the CDC, not per me … is less dangerous than the seasonal flu to anyone under the age of 85. The “state of emergency” should be lifted immediately because there is no legitimate basis for maintaining a “state of emergency” … indeed, it should have been lifted weeks ago because it has been apparent for weeks that COVID was exclusively a nursing home issue.

Instead, we’ve gotten weeks of gaslighting from Sununu … how reopening would bring hordes of COVID-infected from Massachusetts turning our beaches and malls into kill-zones (sounds like Chris has been binging The Walking Dead) … how the “second wave” of COVID was hovering just outside the State line, just waiting for us to let our guard down … how we’re safe from COVID when working out only if we pay extra for a personal trainer … blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

I am close to reaching the point where I just skip over the United States Senate and the First Congressional District as well. Leaders need to lead. Not calling for Sununu to end the “state of emergency” immediately … WHEN THERE IS NO BASIS AT ALL for a “state of emergency” is not leading.

So as far as I’m concerned Messrs. Bolduc, Mayberry, Messner and Mowers need to pick a side NOW. Team-Lockdown or Team-Reality. Which is it going to be, gentlemen?