The result each time is more government, more debt, less freedom - Granite Grok

The result each time is more government, more debt, less freedom

Part of the Problem

We have replayed this time and again… and time and again. First, the government causes a problem. Next. they declare the problem they are the cause of, a crisis. Then, the government raises taxes and usurps more of our freedom. The government then bills itself as the solution.

The result each time is: more government, more debt, less freedom, and more and greater problems.  And why is that? Why can’t we learn from our mistakes?

The pattern playing out

The only difference this time is the audacity in the amounts spent and the level of civil liberties infringement. Now Pelosi and Schumer are working to pass $3 TRILLION in additional spending.  Their spending request has coupling with myriad policy changes. We would be better served to simply burn the money in the public square than to pass their proposal.

We did not have the more than $2 TRILLION already appropriated.  It is money we do not have. Now Chuck and Nancy are looking to pass a spending package to the tune of $3 TRILLION more.

When is enough too much? How many future generations do we have to encumber with spending so we don’t have to struggle? How fair is that? Maybe, if we stopped aborting the next generation and stopped replacing them with illegal aliens, we would think about the current situation differently.

Schumer and Pelosi think they have the answers to all our problems. Freedom and financial prudence aren’t among their answers. Just as honesty is not part of their party’s vernacular. At what point are they going to own the hypocrisy of the positions they support.  Nobody can talk out of more sides of their mouths than Chuck and Nancy.

A little history

We know Roosevelt’s actions greatly prolonged economic recovery. They caused unemployment rates during the Great Depression to reach nearly 25%. The American economy has taken a massive, self-inflicted hit. We plainly need to get off the dole and get back to productive action.

Worse yet, we know Roosevelt was responsible for the largest expansion of the federal government in American history. If our government grows much more it will swallow the private sector. We have forgotten the private sector is the only one paying all the bills. Kill the private sector and the nation dies.

Enough is too much

We need to stop the outrageous government spending in Washington.  Our national debt now exceeds $25 TRILLION. That’s an increase of $5 trillion in the last four years alone. It ignores the actions of the Federal Reserve. We are not talking about the fact we have held Treasury auctions where there were no buyers other than the Federal Reserve. What is the Fed using to buy Treasuries?

We know government bailouts are not the answer. Having the Federal Reserve endlessly printing piles of funny money isn’t the answer. The economy is a wreck. The government’s response to the latest coronavirus is the blame game. Unemployment just hit 14.7%. Many economists believe it may hit 30%.

The solution isn’t more wasteful government spending. The solution isn’t half-baked social welfare schemes. Reopening the economy is the solution. The solution is to allow Americans to get back to work. We must greatly reduce governmental spending. We need sane monetary policy.

End game for Democrats

Pelosi and Schumer are attempting to push America into socialism. The first step is bankrupting the nation. They are working to bring on poverty because they believe doing so will make us cry out for socialism. Then to quell unrest in the streets they will end the freedoms in the founding documents.

Then for the public good they will seize control and the purges will begin. It happens every time a free society mortgages its soul in search of security. The way to repair our economy is to do two things: Stop government spending. Get the government out of the way of private enterprise.