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So Tim Sink ain’t happy with NH protesters that want to reopen the State

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I wonder how many of his small biz members either already have or will soon be kaput if re-opening takes two or MORE months to accomplish? Or are they just “collateral damage”? Yet, while many of us are correctly upset that our Constitutional Rights and its values are being rent asunder, a constant theme of ReOpenNH and GraniteGrok has been concern for these small businesses that were deemed “non-essential” and don’t the financial wherewithal to stay in open.

So this Mr. Sink has a problem – we’re supporting his members more than he is! Reformatted, emphasis mine:

Anti-lockdown protests draw wary reaction from business leaders

…“We don’t support them,” Tim Sink, president of the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce in New Hampshire, told the Washington Examiner.

Protesters gathered at the State House in Concord on April 18, calling for the reopening of businesses. Some who arrived toted semi-automatic weapons and wore pro-Trump paraphernalia, items that have been prominently displayed at other similar rallies, drawing nationwide attention. Sink said that state officials are currently working on a plan to reopen businesses, but incrementally, and not instantly as the protesters demanded. A quick opening of bars and restaurants could increase the number of people becoming infected by the virus.

Oh, so he’s one of THOSE types, eh? Mr Sink, you don’t like people exercising their Second Amendment Rights / NH Article 2-A? You don’t like people exercising their First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech / NH Article 30? You don’t like that people are exercising their First Amendment Right to see redress from their Government / NH Article 32?

“They’re trying to accelerate the process when we have had a very good run, here, in New Hampshire, of keeping the amount of people infected low, and we haven’t seen a large surge like other states,” Sink said, adding that many of the protesters were not wearing masks or practicing social distancing.

“That’s unfortunate,” he said, adding that “we don’t find them to be very helpful right now.”

Right. Just another COVID Karen. The BIA is the association of Big Businesses. Small mom and pops, whether retail, service, restaurants, or other “non-essential” business just don’t matter.  Frankly, it is you who practice Crony Capitalism that we don’t think are “very helpful” at ANY time. You have the resources to lobby to keep your government mandated costs down, create more avenues for profit – but deny those “little people” the ability to just exist. Nice guy, isn’t he?

…Sink understands the frustration people have about wanting to reopen the economy, but he insists that a lot of details must be hashed out before businesses can safely open their doors. “How do we get the restaurants up and going?” he asked. “It’ll be somewhat on a gradual process.”

Sink said outdoor seating at restaurants might be the good first step in allowing them to reopen…Sink also said that New Hampshire’s increase in testing will help to get the economy moving.

America – the land of business supplicating to Govt how its “details” are supposed to work. EVERY time I hear this, the words “utter nonsense” come to mind. If someone has a business, or manages a business, does that necessarily mean that there’s some smarts behind that? I have a degree in biology so I understand a lot of what is going on. But with the Internet’s resources almost anyone could figure out what should be done and what shouldn’t.  Why NOT let businesses figure it out for themselves – they aren’t going to intentionally get their employees or customers sick – that’s bad for business.

And point out, again, that one of the freedoms we have left is to either NOT shop / eat / be serviced at a place that we don’t wish to go and employees, even NOW, can go to a place that has opened that but their former employees (having been bribed by the Feds money to stay home) aren’t returning.

Frustration is a good word to have used but it doesn’t come close when you’re a mom and pop that’s been shutdown for two months – urgency, worry, “beside myself” start to come close.  All stemming from the real possibility of complete professional and personal bankruptcy.

But Tim Sink, safe in his sinecure, doesn’t believe that “we don’t find them to be very helpful right now“.

It’s been a bit since I found the above and restaurants that HAVE the ability to set up outside seating are doing so. Those that don’t are still in Government purgatory.

But Tim Sink doesn’t care. He doesn’t care that businesses that haven’t been deemed “essential” are totally captured by Government. At no time does he express any sorrow for those folks – just that he’s unhappy they are demonstrating.

And he’s still the Biz Head Honcho.

(H/T: Washington Examiner)