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Results: 90% Said No More State of Emergency – I Guess We Need a New Legislature

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The question, with the deadline for renewal approaching, was, “Given what we know now, Should Gov Sununu Extend the NH State of Emergency Another 21-Days?” Our response and the majority of yours was a resounding no.

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Extend EO in NH poll results

Of the 740 votes cast, 688 (90.27%) were no. No. NO!

The ‘yes votes’ totaled 52 or 7.03%.

Yes, but open faster, received 20 votes, or 2.7%.

Governor Sununu has already announced that the political confinement will continue until mid-June. At that time, there will be another evaluation of the circumstances. That’s less than the 21-days, but no parole, and this is not a pardon. 

If you have no stomach for making the Governor pay a political price (and you do not if this poll is any indication), then embrace the only alternative. The Legislature can convene and throw out any Emergency Order issued by the Executive at any time. But the Democrat Majority legislature we have is the one that wants so desperately to keep you locked up, masked up, and unemployed. As far as they are concerned out, time in ‘stir’ has been soft. 

Replace them in November.

Because this crap is coming back around and the same cowards are just as likely to pull the same stunt because they are not in office to protect your rights from government overreach. They are there to make government overreach something you have no right to prevent or to which you can object.