NH State Rep. Sallie Fellows joins Berni-Bro Socialist Volinsky as just another COVID Karen - Granite Grok

NH State Rep. Sallie Fellows joins Berni-Bro Socialist Volinsky as just another COVID Karen

NH State Rep Sallie Fellows

Jim has his post on L’il Andru Volinsky who has made it clear that he’s one of those contra Live Free or Die folks who is very happy with the Socialist version of “Government over People”. And he makes it clear that under his reign, you VILL vear der mask.

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A private contract has no part in his outlooks. There are no “be different” – there is only the Collective, and everyone will be part of that Collective. He truly believes, not in citizens, but in serfs or subjects.  And this was rather disgusting:

Finally, it is time for the governor to speak out against the “ReOpen NH” rallies. While responsible citizens are social distancing and wearing masks, these protesters – some of whom are reportedly paid – flout all community norms. How would these protesters have reacted when asked to plant liberty gardens for the war effort? Would these sunshine patriots have slunk away from their responsibilities in wartime England when asked to darken their windows during air raids? The ReOpen protesters are not patriots at all. Patriots don’t needlessly endanger their neighbors. They fight to protect them. It is long past time our elected leaders publicly proclaimed this simple truth.

Liberty plays no role in his outlook – like King George, his is to rule and your’s is to simply obey. There is no discussion, no give and take with this anti-Christian bigot.

Hey, L’il Andru!  Can you PROVE your lying assumption that “some of whom are reportedly paid” bit?  Or are you just ginning up your inner Alinsky to throw mud at folks who are exercising their Constitutional Right to seek redress from their Government (you know, that First Amendment part that seems to so irritate you).  After all, when Government speaks, from your outlook, we’re just supposed to “sit, shut up, and take it, you PLEBES”. Cherish that thought, Comrade (see what I did there?).

And by the way, once again we see someone from the far Left yank out the “Community Norms / Social Contract” horsepucky. Sorry, dude, but the Left has been trashing that for the last six decades to remake it into their own image for one and only one purpose: SILENCE! Any time anyone of us on the Right do something that says “you’re not the boss of me”, you dirtbags roll that platitude out from what ever rock is sprang from to use as a cudgel.

Don’t bother.  As I have pointed out to many other misbegotten spawn of Marx, SHOW me that Social Contract. SHOW me that paper of Community Norms! Oh, you can’t do that? You misplaced that paper? That WORD file? Sorry, but this technique to “shut you up and shut you down” is well past its expiration date.  If you can’t prove it exists, you’re just mumbling in the wind.

And you’re still an anti-Christian and anti-school choice bigot. But I’m digressing from the original purpose of this post.

Joining him is NH State Rep. Sallie Fellows (D-Holderness) in berating Gov Sununu for not mandating the wearing of masks. For her, it’s about the nonsense of “feel safer”:

Governor Sununu’s emergency orders have been consistent with CDC guidelines, except for one glaring omission. He doesn’t require everyone to wear a cloth mask where social distancing can’t be assured. We need this because just a few unmasked asymptomatic carriers will escalate spread of the virus.

…MA, ME, RI, CT and NY have emergency orders that make this a law. Governor Sununu’s order, instead of saying customers “must” wear masks, says they “should” wear masks. In legal terms, “must” is a requirement, making it an enforceable law. The word “should” is just a suggestion, not a requirement.

As it should be.  We are adults and perfectly able to make our own decisions without the heavy hand of Government. With the even heavier hand of Socialist Progressivism, we’ve morphed from “Live Free or Die” and a limited government that knew it was supposed to be limited and stayed in its lane to one that Government should and MUST DEMAND that we follow every rule, statute, regulation (and treat “guidelines” as if it was also yet more law) heaped upon our shoulders. After all, “it’s for your own good” and “health and safety”.

Did you see any mention of Freedom, Choice, or Liberty in that opening? Of course not – just that you should be one with and part of her Collective. Hey, dimwit, GUIDELINE is just that – a suggestion. But ANYTHING, coming from some technocrat within the bowels of Government MUST be followed as if it were from the mouth of God (that is, if they believe which we already know is getting to be rarer and rarer).

On May 11, the governor told reporters towns can mandate masks, but in truth, they have no enforceable option. Emergency order #40 says businesses should tell customers that they should wear masks. It’s unfair to ask businesses to do what the governor lacks the courage to do. Instead of helping stores maintain a safe environment, he’s setting them up for awkward and potentially dangerous confrontations. Within public buildings such as town offices, libraries, schools and voting places, asking a person without a mask to leave isn’t even an option.

Look, I already said what L’il Andru said – that a business owner can say “No shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service” at THEIR pleasure. Some might add “no gloves” too and self-select who they would serve – or not. A return to the First Amendment of “Freedom of Association” in which the opposite, freedom of disassociation, also holds true. But neither of these two even THINK of the Constitutions and their precepts of “shall not be infringed”. Somehow, they believe that there is an escape clause in there about pandemics and tyrant-wannabee wishes.

A very small minority of self-centered people think being able to shop without a mask is more important than saving lives. I think their unwillingness to make such a small compromise is petty and mean-spirited. If the governor’s reluctance to make masks a requirement is to appease this group, I hope he will reconsider.

Small?  I don’t do all that much shopping as we are still isolating but in the grocery store and the big box hardware store I frequent IF I have to go out, it is NOT a small minority. And we see the horrible strawman argument: wear masks or you are a killer. Of COURSE, if you aren’t wearing a mask, you ARE at least asymptomatic if not actually sick.

False premise said as a fact: mask up or you’re a stone-cold killer.

You know something, I’m really tired of this. If you and L’il Andru (and all others of the same ilk) think that kind of rhetoric is going to persuade anyone, just stuff it where the sun don’t shine.  Even people who don’t live the ethos of Life Free or Die are getting mighty tired of being lectured to and AT. How do I know?  Well, here’s a question for both of them:

Can you explain why more and more people are doing their parts and practicing Irish Democracy? Why are many of us just telling you to Shut The …. Up and just doing what we want to REGARDLESS of what you in Government are mandating?  Little acts of Rebellion, larger acts of protest.  You have forgotten one VERY important concept:

You can’t lead when you turn around and see no one following you.  More and more, we’re not.

All over the country. In fact, if one believes the news, we’re being led by those with scissors that cut hair. Not Government officials.

And ALWAYS, you and your ilk are making demands that everyone else behave in your desired manner. In the Land of the Supposedly Still Free, why is it that YOU get to demand how we conduct ourselves but never the other way around. You have the Freedom, if you don’t see what you desire in other people and in the shops you want to frequent, to simply turn around and go elsewhere.  Who are YOU to infringe upon THEIR freedom? 

In reality, other than you’re both doing the “Do you know who I am???” bit, you’re both NOBODIES. Without those titles, you’d just be self-important, self-righteous busybody Mrs. Kravitz. And both of you are old enough to catch that reference (hint: like that busybody old fat lady in the Al Terry Plumbing commercial always spying on the neighborhood) – just two little old snitches with Napoleon Complexes.

And you must believe that you can arrest EVERYONE who decides that wannabee tyrants here in the US are just too self-important. Well, can you (even as we know you WANT to)?

She has a whole lot of assumptions with her words without a whole lot of knowledge. And as NH State Rep Tim Lang pointed out, we are under control and the curve has been flattened EVEN AS people are walking around maskless:

Positive CV-19 tests by PCR NH

But then again, the Dems cry out “BUT THE SCIENCE!!” but when it goes against the Narrative, they go all morality on the rest of us as they believe they hold that High Rampart simply by dint of being a P or a D (Progs or Dems, but I repeat myself). So, NH State Rep Sallie Fellows, what say you (or are you just being dogmatic that “mask misery” must be donned by everyone?

Sorry, I don’t do “mouth art” simply for the likes of you. Nor should anyone else because SCIENCE!

We need an executive order “requiring” everyone (with appropriate exceptions) to wear a mask when social distancing can’t be ensured. Then we can have one statewide enforceable law and notification signs that should forestall confrontations. We will feel safer when shopping and be safer from the virus.

Progressivism is all about mitigating bad decisions – instead of the individual making a stupid decision and learning from the bad consequence, the Progs have made it clear that such ramifications will be shared by EVERYONE (no questions asked along with the removal of Stigma that Society used to innoculate the rest of us from it). Socialism is all about Control. Fellow and Volinsky are quite happy to combine both much to the detriment to us all.

And that “We will feel safer when shopping and be safer from the virus.”  Can someone tell me when “feeling safe” was the main priority in life? That having the “good feelz” was a reason for ANYTHING of stature?  Have we become a nation so drenched in decadence that actual Reality (see above) no longer matters?

And when was it declared that Risk was something that an Individual should never be confronted with?

I will take dangerous Freedom over safe slavery any time, any day. It seems that Volinsky and Fellows are willing to live under the latter clause.

When a Society goes all King Canute, we’re done for.