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New Problem for NH Dems – ANTIFA to be Labeled a Domestic Terrorist Organization


We have close to 200 articles on GraniteGrok that are about or reference ANTIFA. A group formed in the 1930s for one purpose. To recruit National Socialists into the communist party. Terrorism and violence is always a solution.

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Antifa was founded by the German Socialist Party to compete for leftist affection. “Adopting the word “Antifa” from a last-ditch attempt to establish a cross-party alliance between Communist and Social Democratic workers in 1932.”

Let’s call Antifa the socialist equivalent of No Labels; The far left’s third-way political machine. A come-together thuggery that uses violence and intimidation to unify leftist factions. To convince National Socialists that communism is the only real socialism.

Riots, violence, intimidation, disorder, what we like to call the tactics of the brick-throwing party, is an essential element of the Left. The numerous riots during the Obama Administration were examples, and the recent riots are no exception. Without question, these riots were started by leftists and fueled by their rhetoric. 

Never Let a Crisis…

George Floyd’s death was a tragedy that never should have happened. But in a western democracy, we use peaceful protests, petitions, and the fact that the government works for us, to pursue justice. Our elected officials and those they appoint, answer to us at the ballot box. It’s not perfect, but it is better than perpetuating an unhinged series of injustices against others as an expression of outrage. Destroying the local community and the livelihoods of local business owners does not bring justice for George Floyd.

Not in Minneapolis, or anywhere else. 

Several outside actors, including Antifa, have been fingered for starting riots, fires, attacking police, locals, business owners, and citizens. In a few cases so far, Antifa has been a catalyst for the violence which once started spreads on its own.

In response to the growing evidence, the President has announced that he intends to declare Antifa a domestic terrorist organization.

This is a big deal because it will allow the United States to legally mobilize anti-terrorism law enforcement efforts, begin investigating roots and cells and use appropriate force to protect American communities from the organized terrorism of this communist-backed group.

Democrats in New Hampshire are going to have to decide where they stand on this. Their Democrat elites (especially at Dartmouth College) adore Antifa and support its use of intimidation and violence to advance their political goals.

I happen to think the Democrat party is a domestic terror group, so they may not have it in them for any sustained objection. All the more reason to expect one.

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