In which I get pwned - Granite Grok

In which I get pwned


It was yet another post by NH State Rep Tim Lang with an update as to what His Excellency (official title for Gov. Sununu), having had various representatives of the merchant class supplicants come on bended knee to plead their cases as to why Government should allow them to conduct themselves in the public square.

So, I left a truthful, if a very pointed question:

So what industry ISN’T under Government control?

Really, a truthful question. My point was that if a business is not free to conduct its business without a blessing from the “you need permission for EVERYTHING” State, are we still a Free Market economy KNOWING the current NH China Flu numbers no longer warrants this complete lockdown? We started this nation as a permissionless society – now we must seemingly ask permission for everything.

Well, Tim properly answered my question – just not the way I had figured:

the Grok apparently…

And Grokster Chris Maindment decided to pile on:


Sigh…what else could I say?

Yep, well played.

I have to admit, I was good and well pwned. It happens – but certainly good for a chuckle. Yes, Media was declared to be an “essential” industry and the ‘Grok is part of it, but still, I have to hand it to Tim.

On the serious side, however, is Government all that much smarter, be it a bureaucrat or an elected official, than those in the private sector? I don’t know about you but this seems a bit on the condescending side that takes that premise as being true. It certainly is a BIG shift in how this country has operated in times past and my fear is that this new version of  “Occupation Licensing” is not going to subside. That this large incursion into controlling every nit and corner of how a business can operate will last well past this emergency – to all of our detriment.

It seems always to be the case that once enlarged, for whatever reason, it VERY rarely subsides to its previous level. I am betting that this almost total lack of Trust by Government in the private sector is here to stay for quite some time to come. For those that take exception to that lack of Trust, well, go home and stay home to read your history books. And if you can’t figure out which ones, blame your public school system that you attended.